You will be surprised to know these benefits of eating a spoonful of Triphala.

Generally people know Triphala as a constipation preventive. But apart from this, there are many benefits of consuming it. If you have any kind of stomach related problem, then the consumption of Triphala churna will be very beneficial for you.

Triphala churna is considered very beneficial for the body in Ayurveda . Generally people know Triphala as a constipation preventive. But apart from this, there are many benefits of consuming it. If you have any kind of stomach related problem, then the consumption of Triphala churna will be very beneficial for you. Apart from the stomach, eating it gives relief in many diseases. Physicians also advise that Triphala should not be consumed without medical consultation. Sometimes an overdose of Triphala can also give harm. Read further in detail about the benefits of consuming Triphala.

Remove weakness
, the consumption of Triphala proves to be a panacea for a physically weak person. The memory of the person consuming it is also faster than other people. Consuming it reduces weakness. To reduce weakness, Triphala should be eaten by mixing harad, bahera, amla, ghee and sugar.

Increases immunity: The consumption of Triphala powder increases
the immunity of the human body. Even if you have weakness in your body, you can rejuvenate your body by taking Triphala churna. But for this it is necessary that you consume it regularly for many years.

Relief in high blood pressure: Taking
Triphala provides relief in heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you are also troubled by the increasing level of high blood pressure or diabetes, then take three to four grams of Triphala powder with milk every night at bedtime. There will be relief.

Relief from Constipation
The first property of Triphala churna is that it gives relief from constipation. In today’s hectic life, irregular eating habits and stressful environment, most of the people suffer from constipation and physical lethargy. Such people should consume Triphala regularly with lukewarm water.

To get relief from eye diseases
, washing the eyes by putting the powder of Triphala in water ends the problems of the eyes. For cataract, burning of the eyes, eye defects and to increase the eyesight for a long time, take 10 grams of cow’s ghee mixed with one teaspoon Triphala powder and five grams of honey.

skin diseases, in the problem of skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, itching, boils and pimple, taking 6-8 grams of Triphala powder in the morning and evening is beneficial. Soak a spoonful of Triphala in a glass of fresh water for 2-3 hours. Now fill a sip of this water and put it in the mouth for a while, swirl it well several times and remove it. This will give relief in the problem of mouth.

In headache, cook the mixture prepared by mixing the beneficial
Triphala, turmeric, absinthe, neem bark and giloy in half a kilo of water. Keep in mind that keep cooking it till it remains 250 grams. Now after filtering it and consuming it with jaggery or sugar in the morning and evening for a few days, the problem of headache ends.

Relief from obesity
If you are also suffering from the problem of obesity, then the consumption of Triphala will prove to be very beneficial for you. To reduce obesity, mix honey in a lukewarm decoction of Triphala. Apart from this, drinking Triphala powder by boiling it well in water, mixed with honey, reduces body fat.

Immunity is strong
The benefits of triphala churna are due to the three ingredients present in it. These ingredients are- Amla, Bahera and Harad. The combination of these three helps in strengthening immunity. The benefits of amla in this are many as it is rich in antioxidants, due to which it helps in fighting free radicals. In addition, antioxidants protect against free radicals by strengthening immunity. On the other hand, haritaki is known to produce white blood cells which protect against external diseases. Vibhitaki works by removing bacteria from the body.

Prevents urinary tract infections
There are many bacteria on which medicines do not even have an effect and eventually make a person sick. Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria that cause inflammation of the bladder. In this situation, the benefits of Triphala churna can help you. By consuming it, such bacteria are not able to be born and these bacteria die.

Blood pressure remains normal
As it has been told earlier that eating Triphala provides relief in swelling. This means that the blood vessels that are in contact with the salt mostly constrict, which increases the flow of blood. When this happens, the benefits of triphala help in reducing swelling and help in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Gives relief in gastric ulcers
When the acid environment in the stomach gets spoiled and there is a burning sensation inside the stomach, then gastric ulcers occur. The benefits of Triphala come in handy here. The three ingredients present in Triphala improve stomach enzymes and help strengthen the mucous membrane.

Before consuming Triphala, keep these things in mind
, you have got information about the benefits of Triphala and now you must be thinking of consuming it. But before consuming it, it is important to keep some things in mind.

* have been linked to lowering blood glucose levels. If you are going through diabetes then do not consume it because each can lower the blood sugar level much higher than normal.* Consume Triphala regularly. Consuming it in excess can cause diarrhea or loss of water.Consuming Triphala churna in excess can cause stomach problems such as diarrhoea. Take Triphala churna according to the packaging or as per the advice given by the doctor.

* Consuming Triphala churna in large quantities and for a long time can reduce weight in large quantities. For weight loss, take Triphala churna in the right quantity and at the right time.* If you have diabetes, take Triphala churna only after consulting a doctor.* It is better if pregnant women do not consume Triphala churna because Triphala churna is very hot which is not good for the baby.
* If you think that you may be allergic to Triphala, then consult a doctor before consuming it.
* Do not consume Triphala to children below 6 years of age.
Consuming Triphala churna in excess can also cause trouble in sleep.


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