Why Not In India?

The truth is that it has been used medically by many Indians for quite some time. cannabis is found in Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient form of medicine in India. There are many herbal remedies such as the cannabis capsules that are used to treat certain health ailments. You can buy the cannabis oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant at almost any store selling medical cannabis products. You can even buy it online and it will arrive to your doorstep in the form of a ready to use herbal remedy.

Some of the ailments that the cannabis can treat are chronic pain, cancer, depression, spasticity, migraines, anxiety and many more. It does not matter where you go in India, people in cities like Kolkata and Mumbai use it as a source of medicine. If you go to any town in the eastern part of India, you will find cannabis users and dealers. Even farmers growing cannabis in their backyard, sell it to the local people. cannabis is not a restricted substance in India anymore. It is widely popular in many countries across the world including India.

Can you imagine cannabis being sold openly at pharmacies in India? It is surprising that people in other countries consider cannabis so socially acceptable. In fact, many states in the USA have legal cannabis shops. You can buy cannabis oil from India and also buy resin and buds from various parts of the world including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. The medical cannabis users are not open to all the world tourists but at least they are open to Indians coming to the country for treatment.

Many advocates in India want to see cannabis as a solution for drug abuse. If cannabis is used as a remedy for addiction to cocaine or heroin, it is bound to be widely popular in many countries such as India. Even if cannabis is not introduced in the form of cannabis oil, it will be used as a replacement for alcohol or methadone. People who use cannabis regularly are not aware of its adverse effects. It may look like just another herb and it may even look like something benign but in reality, cannabis is a dangerous drug and there are certain risks associated with its use.

To start off, cannabis is not as harmful as cocaine or heroin because they are very powerful alkaloids. But when you combine cannabis with alcohol or methadone or even sugar, the effects can be devastating. There are reports of schizophrenia and psychosis on the rise in states where cannabis is widely used. If you try cannabis regularly, you might end up addicted. Addiction leads to drug dependency and when that dependency is complete, you can end up having withdrawal symptoms that are worse than the original substance that was contained in cannabis.

It is not just the psychological effects of cannabis that make it addictive. When cannabis is smoked, it can cause hallucinations and a sensation that it is warm. People who consume cannabis in high quantities also suffer from sleep disorders. It is not just the health complications that can result if cannabis is consumed irresponsibly; there are also legal issues involved. The government in many countries has issued laws that criminalize possession of cannabis and those caught selling or cultivating cannabis face hefty fines and even imprisonment.

So is cannabis popular in India? Although cannabis is legal in some parts of India, it is widely used and can be considered a recreational substance. The social stigma attached to cannabis in India makes it very difficult for Indians to discuss or use cannabis. Especially in a country like India where cannabis is widely used in all sectors of life, cannabis is banned and viewed with distain.

But is cannabis popular in India? Well, the truth is that cannabis is popular in India but it is not widely used. It is not a staple of Indians’ diet and they rarely get addicted to it. It is a fact that cannabis is popular in other parts of the world. But the reasons why Indians don’t discuss or use cannabis are complex. Perhaps they fear the ill effects or repercussions of cannabis and refrain from using it.


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