Why Marijuana Illegal in India

Why marijuana illegal in India? This question is asked by many people and the answer to this question is not very clear. The reasons can be many and we have seen different statements made by different government officials over the past few years about this matter. But what really is the reason behind this and why cannabis seeds are illegal in India? Well, let us take a quick look at the whole situation and then try to analyze some possible reasons behind this.

First of all, let us have a look at the marijuana seeds. If we talk about hemp seeds, we cannot deny that they are just a bit different from other kinds of marijuana seeds. They have more potent effects, which make them a deterrent for many potential users of this drug. Moreover, in case of India, you will find that the cannabis seeds are being used for manufacturing some kinds of drugs.

The other reason why it is being illegal in this country is because it has been found out that cannabis plant is quite addictive in nature. Even though studies are not completely successful in proving this fact, but still people are of the opinion that cannabis plant is very addictive and can be compared with heroine. There are many users who cannot quit this drug and they often end up in jail. It has also been found out that when medical marijuana is used along with certain kinds of sedatives and anti-anxiety pills, the person tends to feel calm and relaxed. But this is not the effect that is desired by the doctors.

It is a fact that most of the cannabis plants grown in India are hybrids. In other words, they are plants that have a certain characteristic that does not exist in other kinds of cannabis plants. Many people are of the opinion that these cannabis plants do not have any effect on the users in the long run. But this is not true at all.

The first and the most important of the reasons why marijuana is illegal in India is its cultivation. The hemp plant is not suitable for cultivation in India as it is a pestilence. This is a tall grass that can only be grown in a humid and damp atmosphere. It is cultivated on islands and swamps. Anywhere else, cultivation of hemp is totally forbidden.

There are also some reasons why marijuana is illegal in India. The marijuana plants are not able to adapt to the climate or to any kind of climate. They remain confined to their own environment. If they are grown in any other place, they will grow uncontrollably and they will spread all over the place. Besides being impossible to cultivate, they are also dangerous for the environment and the wildlife.

Marijuana plants are grown in the nursery. The plants are nourished with a steady supply of nutrients supplied by the fertilizer. If the weather is hot, the plants will get destroyed by frost. In winter, the soil will freeze and crack if it is not provided with the required warmth. In such cases, the hemp is grown in houses in order to save them from the harsh climatic conditions and pollution.

The other reasons why marijuana is illegal in India are its effect on the mind and its effects on behavior. People who use marijuana to feel irritated, run-down, anxious, and confused. It has a devastating effect on the mental, social, and spiritual life of an individual. In fact, marijuana addiction leads to crime, social chaos, violence, and mental instability.


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