What is the story of Lord Jagannath, who pulls the chariot, how it was established, know interesting things

Jagannath Dham is also called Vaikunth on earth. Let us tell you that Lord Vishnu had performed various kinds of pastimes here.

Story Of Jagannath: After the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Jagannath Rath Yatra, permission has been given for Rath Yatra with some precautions on 23rd June. During this, the state government has also been asked to take precautions. Crowds of people will also gather less. Significantly, Jagannath Dham is one of the four Dhams on the basis of Hinduism and Puranas. Jagannath Dham is also called Vaikunth on earth. Let us tell you that Lord Vishnu had performed various kinds of pastimes here. Jagannath Dham also describes the sacred relationship of brother and sister. 

Tradition of Rath Yatra 

Please tell that the idol of Lord Krishna, his sister Subhadra and his elder brother Balarama are worshiped here in Jagannath Dham. On the other hand, if we talk about the tradition of taking out the Rath Yatra, then according to mythological beliefs, the birthday of Lord Jagannath is on the full moon day. On this day Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balarama and sister Subhadra are taken down from the Ratma throne and taken to a pavilion near the temple. Here they are bathed. This bath is done through 108 urns. According to mythology, now God becomes B. Their body starts heating up. After this they are placed in a special class. Here God stays for 15 days. 

During this, only the chief servants and Vaidyas of the temple are allowed to go to the Lord’s class. Apart from these, no one is allowed to go to the special class. Meanwhile, worship is started by installing the idol of Alarnath, a representative of Lord Jagannath. After spending 15 days in a special room, when God comes out of the room, he gives darshan to the people. It is called the new youth eye festival. After this, Lord Jagannath comes out with sister Subhadra and elder brother Balra and goes out for a tour through his chariot.

the right to pull the chariot

Anyone can pull the chariot of Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balarama and sister Subhadra. You can get a sample of this every year in the Rath Yatra. Because every year there is a competition among the devotees to pull the chariot of God. Everyone wants to be a partaker of virtue by pulling this chariot. It is said that by pulling the chariot of God, people get freedom from the cycle of life. If we talk about Hinduism, then all are equal for God. That is why things like any religion, caste are not given place in the Rath Yatra. Rather this year, a Muslim man had appealed to the Supreme Court to take out the Rath Yatra.

An interesting story about the establishment of the temple

This temple was established by King Indradyumna of Malwa. His father’s name was Bharat and mother’s name was Sumati. According to mythology, the king once had a vision of Lord Jagannath in a dream. In the dream, the Lord asked the king to find one of his idols in the cave of Neelinchal mountain and establish the idol by building a temple. God called this idol as Neelmadhav. After this, the king along with his servant sets out to find the idol of God in the cave of Nilanchal mountain. One of the people who came out with the king was a Brahmin named Vidyapati. Vidyapati knew about the people of the Sabar clan who worship Neelmadhav.

Vidyapati also knew that the idol of Lord Nilamadhav is kept hidden inside the cave by the people of Sabar clan. The head of this clan was a worshiper of Lord Vishwavasu. However, to get the idol of the Lord, the order of the chief was paramount and the chief worshiper of the Lord. He would not have been ready to give the idol of God under any circumstances. Because of this, Vidyapati cleverly married the chief’s daughter. With the help of his wife, Vidyapati managed to reach the cave where the idol of Bhagwan Nilamadhav was kept. Vidyapati stole the idol of Nilamadhav and handed it over to the king.

It is said that Vishwavasu was very sad due to the theft of the idol of his God. Due to this God also felt very sad that his worshiper is unhappy. Due to this Neelmadhav returned back to the cave and promised King Indradyumna that he would definitely return to him one day but the king should get a temple built for him. After this, the king asked God to be seated after building a temple, but then the Lord said that after swimming from Dwarka, bring a piece of a big tree coming towards Puri. With this you make my idol. The king and his men immediately set out in search of a piece of tree. He got the piece of wood but he was unable to pick it up. Then the king remembered Vishwavasu, the head of the clan. The king took the help of Vishwavasu. Vishwavasu picked up the wood and brought it to the temple and then the idol of God was made.


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