Vape pens today are enormously not comparable to the فيب pens during the 2000’s. As we have conveyed over, the vape pens today have highlights tracked down in third period mods to set up the more pre-arranged style contraptions with the force of the present vaping progression.

Might we at any point cover the various collections of vape pens tracked down today:

  • Four obvious parts make up the different sort of vape pens today:
  • Fixed Voltage
  • Sub-ohm tanks
  • Variable Voltage
  • Variable Temperature

Fixed Voltage: When vape pens emerged from the outset, all vape pens were what we call fixed voltage. Fixed voltage proposes that the gadget has a predictable voltage yield. This plans that there is persuading clarification need to dabble with the settings since it goes with just a singular choice which is finishing the button.

Vape Trucks: The most by and large saw vape pen game-plan you find today don’t have added parts like variable voltage and variable temperature. It besides deals with it to use since it basically has one button to press and the sheer force of the battery size and the utilization of sub-ohm tanks make it adequate to address nicotine needs. We will cover this in more detail in the going with mod districts.

Variable voltage: this is an inventive part used to adjust the سحبة مزاج experience. More pre-arranged models of the vape pens utilize variable voltage yet on less strong batteries. The capacity to expansion or decline the voltage can be an exceptional part to interfere with the flavor force, cloud creation, and throat hit.

Variable Temperature is a section figured out in third opportunity gadgets and have been finished into the more pre-arranged style vape pens. Not all vape pens convey this part yet what it does is it ordinarily changes the power yield reliant upon the temperature depicted by the client through hence adjusting to the circles opposition in the vaping gadget to stay away from dry hits.


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