Types of Mental Illnesses: What Are They?

Nowadays problems related to mental diseases are increasing day by day. The reasons for this may be different but our changing lifestyle is also no less responsible for this. The person shows emotional behavior when dealing with stressful situations through an emotion-focused approach. Although, if a person is unable to cope with stress, then he or she tends towards resistance-oriented diplomacy, if it is practiced continuously, it can lead to various types of psychosis.

Resistive-oriented behavior does not enable one to face the situation, it is only a means to show one’s actions as practical. Physical problems like fever, cough, cold etc. are different types of psychosis. The list of these classes of psychosis ranges from low anxiety to severe psychic disorders such as manipulation or fragmented psychosis.Let us take a look at the types of mental diseases through this article.

1. Psychosomatic and Somatic Disorders-

Some diseases have become very common in today’s time like low blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Although, these are all physical problems but they arise due to psychological reasons like stress and anxiety. Therefore psychosomatic disorders ie psychosomatic disorders are those mental problems that show physical symptoms, but their causes are psychological. Whereas, in the concept of psychosomatic, the meaning of the mind is the mind and the meaning of the body is the body. Somatic disorders, in contrast, are those disorders whose symptoms are physical but their biological cause is not revealed. For example, if a person is complaining of stomach pain but still there is no problem in the stomach of the person.

2. Childhood Disorder-
You will be surprised to know that children can also be a victim of mental disorder. The Fourth Impression of the DSM seeks to address a variety of childhood disorders, usually first recognized in infancy, childhood, or adolescence. Some of these are Attention Deficit-Hyper Activity Disorder in which the child is not alert or focused or he behaves in hyperactivity. and autistic disorder in which the child becomes introverted, does not smile at all and learns language late.

3. Psychoanalysis and Mental Disorders-
You must have often seen a person walking on the street in dirty clothes, eating dirty food lying around the garbage or talking or behaving in a strange way. Such persons have weak information about person, place and time. We often call them mad, insensible etc., but in clinical language they are called mental disorders. It is a serious state of mental disorder characterized by disturbed thoughts, emotions and behavior. Psychoanalysis disorder is characterized by inconsistent mindset, faulty self-perception, impediment to conductive activities, dull and inappropriate expressions. Differentiation means seeing something that is not actually there physically, some sounds that are not really there.

4. Anxiety Disorder-
If a person feels scared, frightened or anxious without any specific reason, then it can be said that that person is suffering from anxiety disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorder in which feelings of anxiety appear in different forms. Some of these disorders are caused by an extreme and irrational fear of something and obsessive-compulsive disorder where a person keeps thinking the same thing over and over and over again. Read More: Cbd oil for Anxiety Disorder

5. Mood Disorders-
Individuals who suffer from mood disorder experiences, their emotions become restricted for a long time, they become fixed on one emotion or keep changing in categories of these emotions. For example, whether a person is sad for a few days or sad on one day and happy the next day, his behavior has nothing to do with the situation.In this way, there are two types of mood disorders depending on the behavioral symptoms of the person –

a. Depression: – Depression is a mental stage characterized by sadness, lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, weight loss or excessive hunger and weight gain, lethargy, feeling guilty, inability Shows symptoms of helplessness, hopelessness, difficulty in establishing concentration and negative thoughts towards oneself and others.

b. Bipolar disorder: – Bipolar disorder is a serious mental disease, in which the mood of the person suffering from the disease changes abnormally. In this disease they can sometimes be very happy, active, hysterical.

6. Dissociative disorder-
After any traumatic event, the person becomes unable to recognize his past existence, past events and people around him. In clinical psychology, such problems are called dissociative disorders, in which a person’s personality becomes social and isolated from society. Dissociative amnesia is a class of dissociative psychosis in which a person is unable to recall important personal information, usually after a stressful event. In the state of dissolution, the person feels his new existence. The second category is dissociative identity disorder in which the person loses his memory while imagining a new existence. The other category is personality disorders, in which a person experiences sudden changes or strange feelings in different ways.

7. Personality Disorder-
Personality disorder has its roots in the infancy of a person, where some children develop inelastic and impure thoughts. These varied personality disorders range from harmless isolation to emotionless serial killers. The categories of personality disorders can be classified into three groups. First, the group is characterized by strange and eccentric behavior. Anxiety and doubt are characteristic of the second group and the third group is characterized by dramatic, emotional and erratic behavior. The first group includes paranoia, paranoia, schizotypal personality disorders. Dependent, avoidant, obsessive personality disorders have been reported in the second group. Antisocial, borderline, acting (historythmic), narcissistic personality disorders fall under the third group.



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