Tropicana juice vs Real Juice Activ – The Juicy Battle!

The most healthy and healthy beverage to enjoy for breakfast should consist of “fruit juice” and with the wide variety of flavors on the market, they’ve become a popular choice for everyone.

The process for making processed juice involves condensing, canning along with adding flavorings as well as a few additional steps that differ from the natural juices. However, do they taste as good in the same way as fresh juices or do they sacrifice on some aspect?

Tropicana – “A brand that is all about nutrition’ claims:

1. The World’s No.1 Juice Brand2. Fruit drinks that are ready to serve without added preservatives.

VARIANTS: Fruit drinks comprise Orange, Cranberry, Apple mixed fruits, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Litchi, Tomato, Grape, Pomegranate, and 100 percent Tropicana Variants.

Nutrition Claims:100ml of fruit juice is a source of
Energy – 48kcal, Sugars – 13g (including natural fruit sugars), Protein- 0.1g, Fat- nil

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Real Juice Activ – “Discover the benefits of good health naturally:

1. 100% Juice
2. There is no added sugar or preservatives.
3. Insufficient sodium

Variants: Orange, Carrot juice, Multi-fruit Mix Fruit Spinach and Cucumber Juice Mixed Fruit Beetroot and Carrot Juice and real juice ActiV+ fiber versions.

Nutrition Claims100ml of liquid is a source of Energy 4800kcal. Sugars from natural sources 12g, Protein- negligible Fat-nil

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Comparative Analysis

BasisTropicana juiceReal Juice Activ
Gluten-FreeIt is true, Tropicana claims that.Yes, according to their packaging specifications.
100% NaturalAbsolutely not. The ingredients comprise concentrated juices and flavors that can’t be described as 100 100% organic.Absolutely not. The ingredients are concentrated juices and flavors that can’t be described as 100 100% pure.
Added SugarDoes not contain sugar , but is a concentrated source (natural) sugarNo added sugar as sugar added is not permitted in 100 percent juice. According to a study the level of sucrose was actually less when using Real more active juice than Tropicana.
PasteurizedYes, flash pasteurized. A method to limit the heat and preserve the nutrients and flavorYes, pasteurized in order to extend your shelf’s life.
Good for Urinary Tract InfectionsIn the case of infections, it’s advised to stay clear of any product that has been processed. This won’t aid either.What you eat during the time of infection can aid in the recovery process. Natural juices are superior to those that are processed.
Good for BabiesIt’s not, as it is only a flash pasteurization.In the opinion of the American Academy of Pediatrics, these juices of fruit do not provide any nutrition benefits to infants and should therefore be abstained from.
Good for PregnancyAlthough not harmful, it is not beneficial in any way. Do your best to stay away from.Not as healthy as natural juice. Squeeze fresh juice instead.
Good for DiabetesNo. Because of the extremely high GI index of juices of fruit is bad for people with diabetes.No. Its excessive GI index of juice of the fruit makes it a bad choice for people with diabetes.

My Take

As an health Expert As a Health Expert, here’s my view on the above listed drinks. The juices that are sold on the basis of high nutritional quality are pretty excellent when compared with fizzy drinks as well as other non-fruit drinks. The variety is certainly tasty particularly when they’re labeled as healthy or sugar-free. They are a great way to bring out our senses which makes it a wonderful refreshing drink to enjoy anytime of the daytime. They’re a great “on-the-go” choice, keeping us hydrated all the time and delivering the full goodness from the fruit juice.

However, as a consumer should consider all aspects before purchasing any food that is available on the market. There are a few points that need to be considered include:

* Even though concentrates of fruit are in abundance There are the stabilizers acids regulators, and added flavors and colors.

* Tropicana claims to have approximately 13g of sugar per 100ml comprising naturally occurring sugars.

*Both Tropicana along with Real Juice Activ claim to provide 1/5th of our daily vegetables and fruits per day.

* The sodium content of Real Juice Activ Juice is somewhat more in comparison to Tropicana versions. Therefore, Tropicana claims to have less sodium.

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Speaking of fiber, we are aware that it has many benefits! But the amount fiber found within these drinks is hardly noticeable. Instead try pure pumpkin juice which is healthy for your well-being.

* The cost of a juice bottle of 200ml is between about Rs. 90 to to Rs.140 ..

To compete withDabur, Dabur recently introduced the Real juice ActiV+ Food. However, the amount of fiber you can obtain from fruits in whole form and veggies cannot be derived through any of these juices.

Bottom Line

If it’s Tropicana or real juice, they are certainly a great addition to your main meals, but don’t replace these drinks to satisfy the need of the essential nutrients. Therefore for weight people, diabetics, and those suffering from heart disease all you have to do is take a bite of one apple, or even a slice of melon or a few grapes! So, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the calories and sugars that are associated from these drinks.


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