Triphala is a wonderful medicine

Triphala tablet is an Ayurvedic medicine that is commonly employed by people to treat constipation. But did you know it’s not just a remedy to relieve constipation, but offers many advantages? Triphala is used in Ayurvedic treatment for centuries. Triphala Churna is regarded as an organic medicine that can revive the body and mind in Ayurveda. Here, we will be going over the advantages of Triphala and the dose of Triphala Churna.

What is Triphala?

Triphala is a blend made up of three Ayurvedic herbs. The three herbs are listed as follows:

  • Gooseberry
  • Bahera
  • Harad

The combination of the powders from the three fruits is known as Triphala. It is best to consume it in accordance with the recommendations of an ayurvedic practitioner.

How do you create Triphala Churna?

While Triphala Churna can be readily accessible in markets, should are looking to make it yourself also, you can do it with ease. Make an extremely fine powder by taking 1 portion of the myrobalans peeled as well as the gooseberry peel and the kernels taken out of the gooseberry. make sure it’s safe and take it in.

Usual Dosage of Triphala

In the evening In the evening, 3-9 grams of Triphala powder can be consumed in warm water or milk. In addition, the unintentional portion is also a good option to take by mixing honey or ghee.

Benefits of Triphala

All ages of people are able to use Triphala to treat chemical medication. In addition, the regular intake of Triphala helps to prevent stomach-related illnesses. It is also helpful for serious illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We will talk about its primary advantages.

Helps with constipation

Constipation is described by Ayurveda as the reason behind numerous serious illnesses. If you’re suffering from constipation, it could be a variety of serious illnesses such as fissures, piles, and swells in the near future. Triphala Churna is thought to be an effective remedy to eliminate constipation. It’s also extremely beneficial for those who suffer from chronic constipation.

Method of use:

To relieve constipation, drink one tablespoon Triphala powder mixed in lukewarm water each night prior to going to bed.

Help with the issue of stomach gas (acidity)

Alongside constipation, there’s another issue related to the stomach that is a major issue for many people. This issue is caused by improper eating habits and unbalanced living routines. Triphala Churna can help with any disease like gas-related problems, flatulence (hyperacidity), and more.

Method of use:

Consume half a teaspoon of Triphala powder and drink it daily during the day, in the afternoon, and at night.

A good eye-care product

It is not widely known that Triphala Churna can be beneficial for the eyes. As well as keeping the eyes in good health, it shields the eyes from many eye diseases.

Method of usage:

Take a spoonful of Triphala Powder in some cold water for a night. In the morning, strain it, separating the water. Wash the eyes thoroughly using that water. This will help to ensure that the eyesight is improved, and many eye diseases are avoided.

aids in weight loss and weight gain

If you’re struggling with an increase in weight and obesity and would like to rid yourself of it fast, then Triphala is a potent remedy for you. As per Ayurveda, Triphala has properties that aid in boosting digestion and reducing weight. So, it is recommended to drink Triphala Churna frequently.

Method of use:

Mix one teaspoon of Triphala powder into 200ml of water. Keep it overnight. In the morning, boil this water until it is reduced to half. Take the remainder of the mixture along with 2 spoons of honey. When you drink it frequently it will reduce the risk of obesity within a couple of weeks.

Increases Digestive Power

Due to weak digestion, The risk of developing numerous diseases is increased. Based on Ayurveda, Triphala has properties that make the digestive system robust and lower the chance of stomach-related ailments. If your digestive strength is not as strong, begin taking Triphala following a consultation with a physician.

Stops hair falling

Most people today are troubled by the issue of falling hair and searching for ways to stop the fall of hair each day. However, if you use the aid of Ayurveda and solve the issue of hair falling. Based on Ayurvedic specialists, hair loss is reduced to an impressive extent through the use of Triphala Churna.

Method of usage:

Blend two to five grams of Triphala powder into 125ml Loha Bhasma and drink every day in the morning and at night.

Enhances appetite

Triphala includes Amla, Harad, and Bahera and all three fruits are extremely beneficial for stomach health. This is the reason Triphala Churna is thought to be the most effective remedy for all issues that concern the stomach. It is mentioned in Ayurveda It has been stated that its consumption can increase the appetite and improve digestion power. So, if you are feeling less hungry or suffer from weak digestion, you should take Triphala Churna frequently.

Effective in urinary tract problems

Triphala Churna can be useful in urinary issues. Its consumption can ease issues like frequent urination, burning urine, and so on.

Method of use:

Consumption of Triphala Pomegranate, Triphala, and Chironji together can be beneficial in urinary tract problems.

Useful in gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is an infection that is transmitted sexually by a bacterial infection. The disease can affect women and men. Triphala Churna can be helpful in treating gonorrhea. For gonorrhea, take Triphala churna in accordance with the physician’s recommendations.

Effective for leprosy

Leprosy is a skin condition where lumps, white spots, or sores are visible upon the surface of the body. Based on Ayurvedic experts that the consumption of Triphala can help with leprosy. If you suffer from leprosy, you should take Triphala Churna as per the recommendations of your doctor.

Beneficial in the fight against malaria

The incidence of malaria rises substantially during the monsoon and summer months. The mosquito-borne illness is extremely frequent among children. Triphala Churna can help in relieving malaria-related fever. It is a food that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Method of use

The consumption of 20 ml of decoction from Triphala is believed to be beneficial for malaria.

You are now conscious of the benefits of Triphala. Remember that if you’re making use of Triphala to treat any serious illness, you should use it only in accordance with the instructions of your doctor.


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