The Power of a Dosha

The Dosha Sutras is a collection of ancient Hindu poems that focus on the theme of life. It can be translated into “the way”. They are all written in Hindi/ Sanskrit language. These poems deal with concepts like love, family, prosperity, friends, life, sex, life events, death and much more. This type of poetry deals with real issues that affect the life of a person.

Dosha  Type

Most of the people have different reasons to recite these poems. While many people use it for the religious purpose, there are others who use it for their own personal purposes as well. Some of them feel a certain emotional or spiritual connection with these poems. Some may even take these poems for granted and ignore the deeper meaning.

The Dosha Sutras is not something that are compulsory to be read by everyone. It is one of those types of poems that can only be understood if one recites it repeatedly. There are several reasons why people prefer to recite this poem. The foremost reason is because of its philosophical content. Those people who know about the philosophy will easily understand these poems.

The second reason why many people prefer to recite it is because of its emotional value. This type of poem talks about the past, present and future of a person. Each of these things affects life in different ways.

Some of the verses of dosha talk about how things should be lived. The Dosha contains poems related to “how to live properly”. It also contains “how to make happy”. The third part of this collection is called “verse of happiness” which includes verses on how to find true love and happiness. In addition, many people like to read the poems of dose that tell stories of great success and happiness in life.

There are many collections of poems that are based on “verse of happiness” which include the one entitled” verse of happiness”. People who look for self-realization usually like to read these types of poems. Another group of people who use this collection of writings are those who want to help other people. The writers of such poems usually help them overcome problems of their past or help them improve certain aspects of their lives.

However, there are some people who do not like to read poetry or write poetry. Such people usually choose quotes from the bible or sayings by famous poets. Such people often find quoting the verses from the Dosha difficult. Even if quoting the verses from the dosha seems difficult for you it would not be too difficult for anyone else.

As a matter of fact there are many people who prefer to have quotes from the bible as tattoos on their body. These people believe that the bible can be used as an effective weapon against many problems faced by the human being. Many people use verses from the dosha to strengthen their faith in God. So the dosha and its verses are used by many people as weapons to fight against different problems in life.

A common problem that many people face is a lack of faith in oneself. People who have faith in themselves easily get motivated to do things that help them in overcoming their problems. So having a poem from the dosha which reminds one about being strong will help you a lot in getting motivated. Especially, when you have come to know that the dish is something which is going to help you in your life the next time you feel weak you can recite the poem from your own heart. It will definitely bring strength to your mind.

There are many other reasons why a person chooses the particular poem written by Bhaisajyath. There are people who choose poems like “Omsiyandi” written by Ruparelas. These poems are chosen to improve the personality of the person who uses them. Once a person starts using these poems he/she starts realizing the power of the inner world and the dosha in particular.

There are numerous other reasons as well why people use these powerful poems. In fact there is not just one kind of the poem but thousands of such poems available for everyone who wants to use them. The choice of the particular poem depends on the situation and the state of mind of the person who is using it. There are people who prefer to use the ones that have a divine message attached in them while there are many others who write their own personal poem and give it to the nearest and dearest.

When it comes to choosing a suitable poem for yourself you can either go with the famous ones or you can select from the ones that are written by eminent personalities. Whichever choice you make, you will definitely realize the powers of the dish. It is true that you cannot take it with you but you can always keep it close to your heart. Whenever you find yourself depressed you can go and recite a line from the poem. This will help you in lifting your spirits quickly and will also remind you that you need to be strong in life.


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