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Information about Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is a test kit for home use that can tell you whether you are pregnant or not using an easy test that can be done at home. It is possible to purchase these kits without needing having a prescription because they are available as over-the-counter tests for pregnancy and have the test performed for pregnancy from the comfort of their location.

Prega News’ Prega News Pregnancy Kit uses the sera reagent to detect HCG-containing substances in women’s urine and will determine if the women is pregnant or not. The patches contain silica granules in order to absorb moisture from urine. This means that the test will be more accurate , and the sera reagent won’t be affected by a lot of smudges.

The kit for home-based pregnancy tests detects whether there is a hormonal substance referred to as human gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. Contrary to laboratory tests to confirm the pregnancy These tests are qualitative tests that only determines how much hormone exists and determines the results of the test have been positive or negative. The results of these tests are not definitive and should be followed by a lab test to confirm.

In the majority of cases this test kit gives precise results. Whichever kits for pregnancy tests you purchase make sure you test your urine using the first urine you take following your first waking up in the early morning. This is because it’s the most concentrated test and the chance of receiving accurate results are very high in the event you conduct the test this early in the morning.

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Uses Of Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit:
To determine that the woman is been conceived and is expecting.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • It determines the presence of pregnancy by a hormonal shift within the body
  • It offers 99% exact results.
  • Silica gel that absorbs the moisture to allow for more accurate testing

Instructions for using:

  • First-morning urine should be collected in an empty container
  • Take a sample inside the dropper included in the package
  • Keep the device to test for pregnancy close by
  • Drop 3 droplets of urine or a sample to the well of the sample
  • Allow 5 minutes for an exact outcome

Safety Information:

  • Be sure to read the label before making use
  • Be sure to keep it out of the children’s reach
  • Check that the test kit is in a temperatures at room temperature prior to using

Interpretation of the results:

  • Positive The test device shows two pink dots. device being tested
  • Negative A pinkish-colored band is visible on the device being tested.
  • invalid If one is darker while the other line is light, it means that there wasn’t sufficient HCG present in urine for an accurate analysis, having to conduct the test on the next day.

Quick tips for Pregnant News pregnancy test kit:

  • Make sure you purchase 2 pregnancy strips immediately in case you receive an untrue negative result, you may take the second test approximately 2-3 days after the initial test to confirm
  • The tests at home for pregnancy will show positive results when you test within 2 weeks of when the time you become pregnant. A test that is taken too early will result in negative results.
  • If you are a regular uterine user The best timing to take the test is one day following not having your period.
  • If you are experiencing irregular periods and irregular periods, the ideal time to exam is about three weeks following the time you had your first sexual encounter.
  • Certain fertility treatments may cause increased hormone levels. Testing your hormone levels while you are taking these drugs could cause a false positive test
  • Always monitor the pregnancy test. If you have an unfavorable result, ensure you run the test again within 3-4 days to determine the results.
  • If you have an positive pregnancy test you should consult your doctor to have a blood test done to confirm that you are pregnant.

Key Highlights

  • It is the Prega News Pregnancy test kit can be found in nearly all pharmacies across the nation as well as online stores.
  • It can be bought without prescription, however it is typically on the advice of an obstetrician.
  • Prega News test kit Prega News test kit provides 99percent accuracy for screening pregnant women at home. It is an easy alternative to diagnostic lab tests.
  • Furthermore, this kit gives results in only 5 minutes , which is convenient for women looking to determine if they are pregnant from the comfort of their home.


This Prega News Test Kit is an easy and fast method to determine if you’re pregnant, at the convenience at home. If you are a couple trying to get pregnant, the Prega News Kit is a ideal tool for getting confirmation of your pregnancy. It takes just five minutes to complete Prega News’ pregnancy test kits provided by Prega News lets you check quick when you want to determine the status of pregnancy.

Key Benefits

  • With a 99percent accuracy rate and a 99% accuracy rate, Prega News’s Prega News result is correct almost all the times (in the rare instances in the event that the test was done too early in pregnancy, you may get negative results, in that case, you should retake your test later at an earlier time).
  • In as little as three drops of urine, women could quickly find out whether she’s pregnant or not in just 5 minutes.
  • All tests should be confirmed with an in-lab test The ease of testing at home will give you a clear indication of the status of your pregnancy.

How to Use

  • The next morning take the first drop of urine in an empty container.
  • Utilizing the dropper, add several drops of the well of the sample in the kit for testing.
  • Give yourself five minutes to read the results.
  • If only one pink line appears that it is negative, then this is a negative test and pregnancy isn’t confirmed.
  • If two lines of pink appear that they are positive, then it’s a positive test, and pregnancy is confirmed.
  • If only one dark as well as one red line appear it means that there was not enough HCG identified to give the result. Repeat the test at a later date.
  • It is crucial to perform the test prior to the first urinary cycle in the morning since it gives the most accurate results.


To find out if a woman is pregnant or not.

Interpretation of Results

If you’re wondering what to do to find out what is the Prega News result, then these are the steps you need to follow in order to determine the result of this test for home-based pregnancy:

  • After waiting five minutes, you’ll have to examine after 5 minutes, you will need to check the Easy Read Result Window of the device you are testing.
  • If you notice a light pink area on the T, it indicates that the pregnancy hormone might not have been registered enough to indicate an actual pregnancy.
  • If you notice two prominent pink lines show up on the C, and the other on the T it means that pregnancy has been confirmed.
  • However, if there is only one pink line on the C, you’re not pregnant.

Storage Information

  • Before using and opening this Prega News Pregnancy test kit It is recommended to store it in a cool , dry area.
  • Keep it out of direct the sun and in a location which is not humid.
  • Don’t store it for too long since it is recommended to use it right away after the purchase.

Safety Information

  • Remove the kit from the kitchen after each use.
  • Don’t use the product if it’s over the expiry date since you won’t get exact results.
  • If you are not sure of the results, try retaking the test at a later time using a new test kit.
  • Always verify your results using a the assistance of a certified laboratory test.
  • Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly prior to making use of.


Q1. Is the Prega News price for one kit?

Answer: The price for 1 Prega News kit is between Rs.50 to Rs.45.

Q2. Does the result always right?

Answer: Home test kits generally have 99% accuracy when tested within seven days of a missed period, and if the instructions are adhered to. Always verify results using an in-lab test.

Q3. Do I have to drink lots of water prior to conducting the exam?

Answer: Urine that has been sitting in the bladder for three to four hours is the most likely of containing the needed HCG hormone. Therefore, it is recommended to have the test taken early in the morning, after the first urine. The water can aid in building up urine inside the bladder.

Q4. Do you need to eat a certain diet prior to starting the test?

Ans: No, diet is not required. However, if any other restrictions on your diet, please adhere to your diet. If you’re experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, consult your doctor for more guidance.

Q5. How many times do I need to be able to take this test?

Answer: It is recommended to take the test twice and allow 3 to 4 days between tests. This is in the event that you have a false positive the initial test.

Q6. How do we determine if we are pregnant with Prega News?

Answer:All you need to do is take your urine in the early morning by using the dropper that is included inside the Prega News Pregnancy test kit and then pour several drops of it into the Sample Well and wait for five minutes before you can tell if you’re pregnant.

Q7. How quickly can Prega reports indicate Pregnancy?

Answer:It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete 5 minutes for the Prega News Pregnancy test kit to verify a pregnancy. If, however, you don’t notice positive or negative pregnancy confirmation even after 5 minutes, it’s ideal to repeat the test with a brand new test kit.

Q8. Can I use Prega News at night?

Answer:Yes you can, however, it is best to do it at the beginning of the day on the stomach empty. This is due to the fact that conducting an examination for pregnancy with Prega News’ Prega News pregnancy test kit at night while eating a large meal could not yield exact results.

Q9. How do I use Prega News?

Answer:It is very simple to make use of this Prega News Pregnancy test kit and anyone can utilize it at home, without needing any special expertise or knowledge. Make sure you take the first urine sample of your morning and place 3 drops of the dropper that is included in the kit for testing. Then , slowly pour these three drops of urine into the Sample Well of the testing device, and then wait five minutes for the results to be displayed.

Q10. What is C and T in Prega News?

The answer: The C line is called the Control line. It indicates that the test was conducted well, whereas the T line, or Test line indicates of a positive outcome provided through the testing. If you fail to notice the C line it may be a sign that the test hasn’t performed as expected and you’ll have to take it again. If, however, you can are able to see the C line, however, you do not see the line that runs through it, that indicates that the test was successful and you are pregnant. However when you can see both the C line and the T line it is a sign that the test been successful and that you are expecting. In the rare instance that you can see the T line, but not the C line it is a sign that the device could be defective.


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