Origin of CBD in India – Is It Pure?

What is the origin of CBD? It is a wonder plant that is a member of the hemp family. The name given to it is Marjoram. In India, it is called Indian hemp. In the United States, it is more popularly known as Marjoram.

Since ancient times, people in India have used Marjoram for its medicinal purposes. It has been used for centuries to treat several ailments and also has some religious uses. Marjoram has immense value for the mind and body. Today, it is one of the major ingredients in various types of herbal and nutritional supplements used for the treatment of mental disorders, pain management, epilepsy and obesity.

It is a well-known medicinal oil having a sweet, strong and aromatic odor. It can be likened to the scent of pine wood or maple. Its use for the treatment of cancer, cardiac problems and sexual dysfunction is a very old tradition. Today, it is also being considered for its potential medicinal uses in the treatment of AIDS and other fatal diseases.

It is believed that Marjoram comes from the root of Acacia officinalis. However, there is no hard proof regarding the origin of the cbd. Based on historical records, the therapeutical oil came to use from the 7th century. According to Indian myth, Aphrodite, the goddess of sensuality and love, loved the godlike nymph called Narcissus. Her beauty prompted the god to give her the gift of youthful health by making her an offering of a drop of Marjoram oil.

Marjoram oil was used for the first time in the western countries in the early twentieth century. This was soon after scientists discovered that cbd has many healing properties. Since the discovery of CBD, there have been numerous researches in different parts of the world to discover more about the medicinal properties of this oil. Apart from treating various diseases, the oil of marjoram is also used in the treatment of women during childbirth and post-natal stage.

The medicinal value of marjoram has now been widely known all over the world. Many oils with medicinal value like Safflower, Oils of ginger, Garlic and Turmeric are also derived from the cbd. Apart from the medicinal uses, the origin of the cbd in India is also sought for its curative properties. Because of the curative value of this oil, it is being used for treating such diseases like bronchitis, sinusitis, cough, asthma, phlebitis, and many more.

But it should be noted that the oil does not possess any medicinal value by itself. You just need to blend it with the essential oils and the properties of CBD present in it will work wonders. It is believed that the combination of CBD with other natural ingredients increases the effectiveness of the oil. Some of these ingredients are lavender, primrose, raspberry, geranium, orange blossom, rose, sweet orange and many more. So you can see that the origin of CBD in India is not only for the purpose of medical purposes but for the betterment of man as a whole. Moreover, the oil is also very popular among the customers as it does not have any kind of smell.

The companies dealing with the products of this oil had started to use the CBD origin in different forms. They were using it for making hair oils, body lotions, skin care products and many more. These products had the consistency of petroleum jelly and did not leave any kind of odor. The people started using them as they were pleasant to smell.

The government of India has started permitting the people to consume the oil if they are registered as pure users. It is not allowed to be mixed with any other drug or medicine. So the limited amount of the oil is enough to treat the medicinal purpose of the people only. You just need to consult the doctor before consuming any type of oil as CBD in India is not the exclusive property of Indian origin.

The oil also known as Maracuja in Brazil is very famous for its medicinal property. It is used in the treatment of severe illnesses like colds, flu, arthritis, diabetes and other degenerative diseases. It is also used for treating women’s hair loss and acne. The people suffering from the HIV/ AIDS and cancer have found it very effective in reducing the symptoms of the said diseases. So you can say that CBD in India is not exclusive to the medicinal use but it is also helpful for the symptomatic relief.

This oil is extracted from the Maracuja tree which grows in the Amazon. It is extracted in a pure and natural way without any manipulation or extraction process. The oil is extracted at a very high temperature and then is changed into a powder form and can now be readily used in the pharmaceutical drugs and capsules. So it can be safely concluded that the origin of CBD in India has nothing to do with the production of the oil. It is a pure product derived from the Maracuja tree.


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