Medical Use Of Cannabis

Rising Demand to Buy Cannabis Medicines in India

Medical cannabis in India has emerged as a lucrative business in the last decade. The demand for medical cannabis in India is high and the local supply is low. As compared to some countries like Australia, United Kingdom and France, the medicinal value of medical cannabis in India is low. The legal framework does not allow the sale or cultivation of medicinal cannabis. But the people have started cultivating and selling the medicinal cannabis that has medical values.

Formulation of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis medicines in India derived from various strains of the cannabis plant. The plant-based medicines are considered safer than those based on the Indore-Vasant strain of cannabis. It contains significant amounts of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has medical value in various diseases like nausea, glaucoma and cancer. The plant-based medicines have less toxic properties than the medicinal cannabis in India. These plant-based formulations also help the patients suffering from chronic pain and are effective as well.

There are three different types of medical cannabis in India, namely; Ganpuri, Jatamansi and Bhringaraj. Each of these has their own medicinal value and the demand for it is increasing day by day. Ganpuri is one of the favorite varieties of the Indian medicine. It is derived from the flower of the pipe plant, Ganja. Although medical cannabis in India is obtained from three different sources, but they all come from the same plant – the cannabis plant.

Is It Legal To Consume Cannabis Medicines in India?

There are two legalization of medical cannabis in India – medical use and recreational use. The use of this drug is strictly prohibited under the National Prohibition Order of India for recreational purposes. Though it is not mentioned that it will be legalised in the future, yet, it appears that there are increasing sentiments in favour of medical cannabis in India. This may be because the government is trying to implement complete control over the production, sale and consumption of the drug.

Medical Cannabis Uses

The potency of the cannabis plant varies according to the variety of procedures to which it has been adapted. Hence you must know the exact content of each and every plant being used to manufacture the medicine. You can buy a reputed online store that sells medicinal formulations of cannabis. When you buy from such stores, you can be absolutely sure of acquiring top quality therapeutic materials at affordable rates. You can make the purchase right from your home without having to worry about the safety of the substance or about the possible adverse reactions that may occur due to its ingestion.

There are numerous medical conditions that can be treated using the cannabis plant. Two of these include cancer and HIV/AIDS. The two cannot be treated with any kind of pharmaceutical interventions and so, the use of medical cannabis in India is very useful for them. Medical cannabis contains a large number of naturally occurring chemicals, some of which are helpful in reducing pain and inflammation, and others have been found to have a healing effect on the major symptoms of these two medical conditions.

The two major groups of people who use medical cannabis in India are the chronic smokers and the people who are prescribed it by their ayurvedic doctors. Chronic smokers get benefit from the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant through smoking it. In this way, the body’s mechanism of pain management is adjusted to the regular intake of the drug. People who take medicinal cannabis in India must be prepared to face some serious consequences.


The medicinal properties of the cannabis plant have the potential to cause severe and life-threatening side effects when abused or misused. If you are planning to buy ayurvedic cannabis in India, you must ensure that you buy only genuine products. There are many suppliers in the country who sell fake versions of the medicine. These medicines might contain illegal chemicals and steroids that might increase the intensity of the pain experienced by the patient. It is therefore advisable to buy herbal formulations of medical cannabis in India from trusted online shops operated by licensed agents. These reputed agents will ensure that they do not sell any counterfeit drugs.


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