Marketing Your Cannabis Business With Social Networking and Social Media Platforms

Social Media – A Must to Compete in Online Cannabis Market

Merely because you are working in the cannabis industry doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make your presence known on social media. After all, cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world. It is predicted to be the fastest growing legal recreational drug in the U.S. As a result, it is only natural that more cannabis business owners will want to get involved in social networking and other online marketing strategies to expand their customer base and boost their sales. Let’s take a look at some ways that cannabis businesses can use social network marketing and cannabis medicine for their benefit.

The medical marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. As a result, there is an increased amount of cannabis business social network options opening up every day. In addition, the cannabis industry is also beginning to witness a number of employment opportunities for those who are interested in being involved with the industry as an employee. Many of these positions require not only a relevant degree but specific training and experience as well. For example, there are several full-time job opportunities for those who are trained to operate and manage a marijuana dispensary.

Cannabis Business Social Network

One of the most successful cannabis business social network options is connecting with local cannabis users. These users typically live in areas where marijuana is widely available, like Denver, Colorado or California. However, there are also areas around the country (and even outside the U.S.) where cannabis users are becoming increasingly common.

In order to become involved with the cannabis business social network community, you will first need to find a couple of excellent cannabis social network sites. By creating a profile on one or two of the networking platforms, you will be able to find potential buyers and vendors who are looking to hire staff or purchase product. Additionally, by creating a profile on a couple of these sites, you will be able to make contact with people who are already part of your community. Many of these people have become cannabis fans themselves, so naturally, they will be interested in making contact with you. These are the people who may be ready to help you become part of their cannabis social network.

Some other great cannabis business social network options include connecting with local trade associations and chamber of commerce groups. By joining up with these organizations, you will be able to promote your brand to potential clients. Not only will the potential clients to be able to view your products and services, but they can also contact you. You will be able to introduce yourself to these new potential clients. Of course, not all local trade groups or chamber of commerce groups are right for networking.


If you belong to a business networking group or membership organization, one of the things you can do is host a virtual event. Many social network platforms allow you to host an event on your website, or you can set up an event on your Facebook or LinkedIn page. By hosting a virtual event, you will be able to connect with other businesses, meet new people, and even attract new customers. If you are going to do this, however, you will need to be sure that you do everything in your power to attract the right people to your event.

In Conclusion

The final way to use these social networks to promote your cannabis business is to simply “like” and follow anyone who uses cannabis online. Simply go to the individual’s profile and add yourself as a friend. If you don’t know their profile yet, simply search for cannabis use and add it to your list of friends. Once you have added individuals to your friend list, simply visit their profiles and add them to your list of friends.

If you cannot find someone to host your event, another option would be to join one of the many social media platforms out there. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and StumbleUpon are just a few of the cannabis-oriented social media platforms that provide users with the ability to interact with other cannabis users in a fun, casual environment. You can join these platforms, write about cannabis, share stories, or simply advertise your business. By using these platforms, you will be able to find others that are in the same position as you. By connecting with other cannabis users, you can build trust and create a community that is interested in what you have to offer. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always join a networking group in your city or online community, such as a forum dedicated to cannabis.


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