Major Successors of Belapur

Amongst all the trading hubs located in and around the hub of Mumbai, none has rivaled the bustling Belapur located in the heart of the Indian metropolis. Located just 3 km away from the central business district of Mumbai, the Central Business District of Belapur consists of a cluster of retail shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other leisurely endeavours. The city boasts of an ethnic Mughal heritage. The central part of Belapur consists of two parts – Old Town and New Town. Belapur was among the first places in Maharashtra to come up with the concept of open plan shopping malls.

The Central Business District of Belapur comprises of numerous multi-structure buildings, edifices and sky scrapers that are some of the most expensive shopping destinations in the country. The arterial road network of Belapur boasts of one of the fastest-developing commercial markets in the country. This fast developing market is home to numerous reputed brands of branded products and other merchandise.

One of the best known brands of Belapur located in this business district is Oriental Plaza. The Central Railway Station of Belapur serves this shopping centre at its depot. The main entrance of this Belapur shopping complex is located at the basement level of the main building and the second level is located on the top floor. The Oriental Plaza is just next door to the heavily congested navi Mumbai airport and the main railway station of Belapur, which is a train terminus station. The airport is approximately 30 km away from Belapur and the Belapur railway station is connected to the Mumbai main railway station by an overhead cable. The proximity of these two important stations to Oriental Plaza makes it even easier for shoppers to reach their desired destination.

The second biggest brand of Belapur that is widely known to people residing in Belapur and surrounding areas is Oriental Plaza. This particular brand sells all kinds of merchandise. These include clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, home furnishing and electronics. The cbd belapur and cbd Mumbai pin code can be found near the main entrance of the Plaza and the main roadways. The location of the cbd belapur and cbd Mumbai pin code is also visible from the advertisements placed by the various retailers of these brands in the local newspapers.

Another major retail outlet of Oriental Plaza is located at the Kala Menchai. The main business district of Belapur houses the offices of all government offices and departments. Kala Menchai is one of the biggest markets in the entire state of Maharashtra and is located on the main road of Belapur. The Kala Menchai is also one of the largest markets of Belapur and Mumbai. One can find all types of merchandise at this market.

Another fast developing and famous brand of Belapur located on the main road of Belapur and located near the railway station is Navi Mumbai. The name of the brand suggests that it deals in goods relating to the city of navi Mumbai in Gujarat. The main aim of this brand is to provide a variety of merchandise at competitive rates. The products sold by Navi Mumbai include electronic goods, clothes, accessories and furniture. The fastest growing department of this brand is the menswear division which has recently received the approval of the state government for opening a new residential set up of the brand.

The fastest growing department of Oriental Plaza is the fashion division dealing with accessories and clothes. The other fast-developing department of this brand is the health and beauty section dealing with skin care products and other dietary supplements. Navi Mumbai is directly associated with the famous actor and director Amitabh Bachhan. Bachhan has a personal house and a huge showroom here in Belapur that he uses as a training ground for his new movies.

Last but not the least there is another famous brand of Belapur called CBDC Belapur bus station. This company was established in 1980 by a Mr. Amil Kumar. There is an almost daily sight of buses going to and from the CBDC bus station in Belapur and the company is rapidly growing.


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