Kid Cannabis – Brendan Butler

Kid cannabis is a modern American biography movie starring Justin Timberlake and Smokey Robinson. It’s based on the real life story of a young Idaho boy drug dropout who builds a multimillion dollar marijuana empire by selling narcotics through the backwoods across the Canadian border. The movie is directed by none other than marijuana kingpin’s marijuana entrepreneur Chuck “Reggie” Isbell. The movie has been receiving raves from critics and audiences young and old. The main characters are called the Pliskin Boys because they are selling an extremely potent illegal substance. It’s supposed to be the realest movie about marijuana you’ll ever see.

Pliskin (played by Justin Timberlake) is seen as the “chief supplier” to his crew of dealers who sell marijuana in several different states. He is a good guy, but when a group of teenagers decide to rob him one night, he ends up shooting them instead. The survivors manage to escape and inform police of what has happened. They charge him with attempted murder and he is tried and convicted. His trial triggers a flurry of events that ultimately result in him serving three years in jail for selling pot.

One of the interesting events which transpire in the movie is that the judge tries to send him to rehab, but instead of doing that, he gets transferred to another state – Idaho. The judge believes that it would be in his best interest to serve time in Idaho because it’s closer to home. The reasoning: Kids from Idaho are less likely to become addicted to marijuana.

The story begins with teenage high school dropout Justin Timberlake who becomes a well-known star thanks to his recording career. His name and fame spreads quickly, causing many young people to aspire to be just like Justin. One such kid is Brennan Butler, whose biological father is an active marijuana user. She is invited to live with her biological father and his friends, and as a result, she ends up staying at their house and developing a relationship with them.

Her attraction to the housemates eventually evolves into a blossoming romance with one of the boys, which culminates in the drug dealer telling her he can help her get into Kid Can’t Do It. Her words convince Justin to put his life on hold and enter rehab. Although her words have changed, Justin’s decision still impresses the people who had been trying to get her into treatment. In fact, her success makes the people in the drug empire want to help her get into their programs. This is how we start to see the seeds of the boy cannabis photography business sprouting.

Meanwhile, Butler’s real story also involves growing up in foster care, where her mother’s drug use and abuse inspired the young woman to become an addict. She tells her story in Kootenai County, Idaho’s popular high-end women’s magazine called Thistle Times. It’s a true story that is also illustrated in the photo book “Kootenai: Love & Rage” that came out last year.

Butler does her best to depict a positive picture of herself. She has been trying to rid herself of the heavy dependence the drugs have put on her body, which she says has driven her completely nuts. She wants to live a normal life and get her older sister out of her life, but she knows she cannot do that without getting a job in the photography industry. So she decides to follow her dream and pursue pot growing instead. She contacts her long time girlfriend in the pictures, Brendan Butler, and they set up a meeting so that Butler can try pot growing with her girlfriend and see for herself what it’s really like.

Brendan Butler is definitely one of those individuals who is definitely a character you want to pay attention to this year. Her story is very real and it’s a beautiful thing to read about. If you have kids, you might want to give her book a try and see how your kids respond to pot growing. I know I must have my kids check it out with them sometime soon! The book “Kootenai: Love & Rage” is definitely a must-read, especially if you have kids or you want to share a true story about living with addiction.


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