Is cannabis Medicinal Or Illegal?

It is true that cannabis is commonly used in many countries worldwide especially in countries that are struggling with tough drug addictions. Although cannabis is legal in most countries it is still considered as a dangerous substance and is not usually prescribed by doctors for medical purposes. And even though some countries have legal cannabis the users don’t seem to be enjoying its benefits as claimed by medical cannabis advocates.

Medical cannabis is a powerful medical solution that has gained popularity in many states across the United States of America and Canada. But what’s the story behind cannabis oil and cannabis capsules in India? What are the pros and cons of this cannabis-based medicine in India?

cannabis is the cannabis plant, which is part of the cannabis family. cannabis plants are among the oldest species of plants, which have been found in the fossil record dating back to about two million years ago. Today the cannabis plant is classified as one of the most important ingredients in the production of innumerable kinds of medication – from cooking herbals to the most effective cancer drugs. And because of this importance, the demand for medical cannabis medicines in India has grown tremendously.

The demand for medical cannabis is high in many countries because it has been found that cannabis is extremely effective in fighting against some common forms of ailments and medical conditions. cannabis is also believed to help in reducing nausea and vomiting, and even help with some forms of arthritis and muscle spasms. Even though medical cannabis is not readily available in every single state of the world, it is estimated that the cannabis market could cross over $4 billion within the next year. This vast market is being fueled primarily by increasing awareness levels about medical cannabis. Many Indian masses suffering from various ailments are now taking advantage of medical cannabis as a means to treat their medical problems.

Many countries across the globe have taken the cannabis route to get rid of their medical issues. For instance in Canada, medical cannabis is legal in the country and is also widely used by Canadian citizens. Similarly, in Mexico, Mexican law allows the use of medical cannabis medicines and a number of US states are soon expected to follow suit. The demand for medical cannabis in India is high as well, and is predicted to grow phenomenally in the coming years. There are also a number of other Asian countries that have taken up the cannabis medicinal treatment and are enjoying the results.

One of the major reasons why cannabis is widely used as medicine is that it is highly effective in treating different types of diseases and disorders. In fact, cannabis medicines are known to provide quick relief from a number of ailments. Besides this, it has also been found to be effective in reducing the side-effects of certain cancer drugs and chemotherapy drugs. The National Cancer Institute of India has confirmed this fact and they have recommended the liberal use of cannabis as medicine. The medical cannabis drug known as Sativex is a great example and it is being prescribed to people with incurable medical conditions across the country.

Many people across the world are also now considering the medicinal benefits of cannabis. If you ask a person who is using cannabis medicinal drugs whether it is popularly used as a medicine or not, the answer would definitely be yes. Some people even say that cannabis is more popular than the popularly-known prescription drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen. It is believed that cannabis is used to combat several kinds of pain and disorders. In fact, it is being considered that cannabis is more efficient as compared to pain killers or antibiotics.

There is no question that people are using cannabis medicinal treatments across many countries and the use is not prohibited. This is largely because cannabis is a plant that is only grown under strict regulation in a controlled environment. When it comes to other drugs that are widely available across the country, such as opioids, they too are widely used and are easily available at pharmacies even in some remote places. Hence, it is evident that the use of cannabis is not illegal and is popular among people even in countries where cannabis is banned.


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