Is Cannabis Good For Pain Relief?

Is cannabis good for pain relief? That is a question many people are asking these days when they realize they may have some sort of issue with chronic pain. Chronic pain can be treated with prescription and over-the-counter drugs, but many people are looking for alternative methods for relief. This article will focus on the medicinal uses of cannabis rather than on recreational use or consumption. The information discussed herein will give you the tools to decide if the medicine can help you, whether it should be used by you or someone you know, or if there is another medication that could work just as well or better.

One of the most popular medicinal uses of cannabis is for pain relief. Many topical creams, ointments and gels contain ingredients that work very effectively in reducing inflammation and pain caused by arthritis and similar conditions. Common ingredients in these products include; capsaicin, menthol, and other herbs such as olive leaf extract and primrose oil.

Another popular medicinal use of cannabis comes from the fact that it has been shown to help with nausea and chemotherapy patients undergoing treatment. In fact, it has even been found to reduce nausea during a heart attack! Can you imagine how much easier life would be for those suffering from cancer and debilitating pain from such an ailment if it were possible to eradicate the pain? It makes perfect sense that it is possible to make the pain go away and to remove the need for drugs. Is this possible with cannabis?

The third question many medical professionals ask is, “Is it safe?” The truth is that there is no medical condition that cannot benefit from the use of cannabis. Most people realize that smoking marijuana is not good for their health, but many don’t realize that ingesting the drug can also cause some serious problems. In fact, recent studies have suggested that long-term cannabis use may lead to complications in the development of the brain and the body!

The fourth question, many doctors ask themselves is, “Is there any scientific evidence that supports the claims that cannabis can help treat certain chronic and debilitating diseases?” For many years, scientists have been conducting studies on the effects of smoked cannabis on animals. While the results are not all positive, there has been some evidence that supports using the substance as a pain relief. For example, one clinical trial on AIDS patients showed that HIV patients who smoked cannabis decreased their pain-related ratings relative to controls. However, this study did not directly answer the original question of, “Is cannabis good for pain relief?”

The fifth and final question, many doctors ask themselves when they are considering treatments for chronic pain is, “Is there a risk of addiction?” Although smoking cannabis will not lead to addiction, the drug is most certainly addictive when consumed in small, frequent doses. If you become addicted to cannabis, you will be taking large amounts of the drug with each use, which can become problematic over time.

When it comes to answering the question, “Is cannabis good for pain relief?” the medical community generally takes a two-pronged approach to answering the question. They maintain that it may be helpful in the short-term to provide patients with relief from pain and that long-term use should be avoided. On the other hand, there are some serious questions regarding the medicinal uses of cannabis. Can it really help treat cancer, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, nausea, epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, as well as several other ailments?

In short, the medical community does not believe that the consumption of cannabis will ever be considered a medicinal use. Currently, it is considered illegal and recreational users of the substance are subject to criminal prosecution. While there are some valid arguments against the medicinal use of cannabis, there are also valid reasons to believe that the consumption of the drug on a regular basis may benefit some individuals who suffer from certain ailments. The question, “Is cannabis good for pain relief? is a tricky one to answer but, one that requires serious consideration.


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