Is cannabis a Hot Topic in India Today?

The recent worldwide political move to legalise the recreational use of cannabis has created a huge ruckus across the country. But don’t let the hue and cry stop you from enjoying cannabis recreationally. Just like wine, beer and whiskey, cannabis too has an array of different varieties. The cannabis plant is used for cooking and for ingesting but its smoke is the best thing about it. Here are some of the different ways cannabis affects people in India.

In India, cannabis is a very popular replacement to alcohol as a drink. There is a huge demand for cannabis today especially in states such as Delhi, which have legalized it. Some people also use cannabis to get high, others inhale it, while others dab it on their skin. This article will explain why people consume cannabis in India.

There is a vast variety of applications of cannabis oil in India. In fact the Indian subcontinent is home to several popular oils that are made from cannabis. Two of the most commonly used are Bhang and Jute oils. These are made from the stalks and leaves of the cannabis plant, which are extracted and used as ingredients. Most of the Indian settlers in East Bengal brought this plant back with them and today the plant is in many homes across the state.

cannabis is not only used for its medicinal properties but also for its psychotropic effects. It is well known for reducing anxiety and giving a relaxed feeling to the user. Some other benefits of cannabis oil include treating depression and migraines. In fact many Indians use this cannabis oil to treat common illnesses such as cough and cold.

The use of cannabis today is widespread throughout the country. Although it is considered illegal in most states of the USA and in many parts of Europe, it is legal in almost all countries where cannabis is grown. It can be smoked or injected. In fact, most users prefer to smoke it as it is more potent and causes less negative effects compared to regular marijuana. In fact, it has been found that using cannabis oil on a regular basis can cause withdrawal symptoms, which are similar to those caused by quitting cannabis.

But the question is whether cannabis oil is harmful? Well, it all depends on the dosage taken. If you take a medium dosage every day you will probably not suffer any negative or adverse side-effects. But if you take a large dosage your body may start showing signs of addiction and you may find yourself suffering from withdrawal symptoms which are very similar to those caused by quitting cannabis. If you are taking cannabis to relieve pain or to calm the nervous system, then it may have a harmful effect on your health.

Many people also debate the impact of cannabis on sexual health. It has long been debated whether cannabis can affect male sexual health. Some studies have found that it can but the majority of the studies have come up in a positive note. However, it is important to understand that this is a controversial topic and there is no clear answer. It is observed that there is some decrease in sex drive in men who are taking marijuana regularly.

There is also no clear picture about the impact of cannabis on fertility in women. There are numerous studies which show a decline in fertility in women who smoke cannabis regularly. This may be due to reduced levels of endorphins in their system. There is also a fear among certain sections of medical professionals that regular use of cannabis can cause schizophrenia and psychosis.


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