How To Choose The Best Medicines For Diabetes?

Finding the best diabetes medicines for your type of diabetes is a crucial decision, since it will ultimately affect your long term health. Diabetes is a chronic disease and the treatment must be made according to what the disease is. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will find that there are basically two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent (insulin) and non-insulin dependent (glucose) diabetes. The medications for each type of diabetes is very different.

Conventional Medical Ways to Treat Diabetes

Insulin injections are the most common diabetes medicines used to control high levels of glucose in the blood. They help increase the amount of glucose that is carried by the cells to be used as energy. The normal glucose level should be in the normal range but if blood glucose level is over the normal limit then insulin injections will help in countering the problem. As a result, the patient will feel tiredness and may experience hunger.

Glucose transporters are another type of diabetes medicines in India used to control excessive levels of sugar in the blood. This particular type of medicine allows the cells to take up only the required amount of glucose and no more. If there is excess sugar in the blood, the glucose transporters will get activated and start to transport extra sugar to the cells. The medicine needs to be taken regularly for two to three weeks to get the desired results. However, it has less or no side effects and is a quick alternative to the oral glucose tablets.

Another group of medicines are those for the control of symptoms. These drugs can have some mild side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This is so. The objective behind these drugs is to reduce the rate at which food is digested and to lower down the blood sugar level quickly. Therefore, the best medicines for diabetes that fall under this group must be consumed on a regular basis. The medicines in this category include insulin, metformin, glucomannan and sucralfate.

Diabetic neuropathy is yet another group of for which symptoms can be delayed by using medicines. Symptoms like peripheral neuropathy, leg ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, numbness and pain in leg and feet are experienced by people with diabetes. It is necessary to treat these symptoms immediately in order to prevent worsening of the condition of the patient. The medications in this group are niacin, lactic acid, potassium, magnesium, tetracycline and insulin.

Certain other diabetes medicines fall under this category of treatment. Some of them are acetaminophen (Pasol), captopril (Baygon) and dimethylaminoethanol (Dramadol). These medicines work in different ways. For metformin, it reduces the glucose level in the urine, makes the patient feel tired and decreases the insulin resistance in the liver. For cellulite, it stimulates the production of the skin’s fibres and improves the skin tone in women.

Precautionary Measures While Choosing the Best Medicine for Diabetes

When choosing the best medicines for diabetes, it is essential to consult a qualified medical practitioner. While taking any of these medicines, the patient should always consult a doctor before doing so. Most of these medicines cause some side effects, most commonly loss of vision, chest pain, diarrhoea, itching in the ears etc. The patients should not stop taking the medicine abruptly, and they should consult the doctor if they are feeling unwell for more than a fortnight. The medicines have various side effects, thus the doctor should be consulted before taking the medicine.

In Conclusion

Diabetes is an incurable disease, but medication can keep the sugar levels under check. Medications can either be purchased over the counter or the patient may have to take prescription drugs. Diabetes can be controlled by a proper diet and regular exercise. Medications are only resorted to when the other remedies fail or if there is no scope for changing the lifestyle of the patient.


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