hemp Medicines – Future in India

What are hemp medicines? hemp is the most outstanding resource of raw materials and has been the major source of evolution of all medicines. Medical history of India is very rich and we have many inventions and discovery from the hemp plant. One of the important resources for future medical technologies is hemp oil and hemp medicines. With the entry of hemp plantations in different parts of the world, hemp seed, fiber, oil, seeds and fibers are easily available in many countries and is predicted to cross the world boundaries very soon.

Medical science of India has got a new boost with availability of hemp oil and hemp medicines in the country. The herbal and ayurvedic plants, used in India for thousands of years, have made impressive contributions to the medical world. Many of these herbal and ayurvedic medicines, including hemp oil, have the potential to cure different diseases. There are new discoveries and innovations in the field of herbal and ayurvedic medicines. It is expected that hemp oil will make further advancement and get more recognition in the fields of food and medicine and industrial products.

There are many benefits for using hemp medicines. It can cure the most diverse kinds of diseases. This product has less or no toxicity when applied or consumed. Since hemp is resistant to most types of fungi and bacteria, it is used for disinfection purposes. In India, hemp grown in different locations has its own demand and is valued for manufacturing different medicines.

Due to the demands of these hemp medicines in India, many pharmaceutical companies are now exploring on the opportunities of investing in the sector of bio-medical industries. Various researches and experiments are being conducted to find better ways of growing and using this plant more efficiently. hemp is highly recommended by the medical fraternity as it is free from all the toxic chemicals present in chemical plants. This natural plant is safe to use and it does not cause any side effects to the people who use it for the treatment of different diseases. With the demands of pharmaceutical products increasing in the country, the government too is also encouraging the use of hemp medicines as it is free from all health hazards.

The demand of hemp oil is increasing day by day. It is mainly used in the production of liposomes, which are basically small particles of fat. It also serves as a medium in which enzymes react with amino acids present in proteins. It is a medium in which a different kind of medications are prepared. It is very easy to extract oil from this plant and distillation is another method of processing.

The process of refining hemp oil involves heat and pressure. Distillation of hemp oil is one of the oldest processes of making medicines. This process is carried out to get pure and quality hemp oil. In India, China and other parts of the world, this is used as a major source of income through demand of these commodities. It is available at affordable prices due to its availability and cheap price of crude oil.

Apart from being used as a source of income, many organizations are also earning revenue through sales of hemp oil. This is done through labeling and selling of these commodities. Some organizations also earn profit through leasing and consulting the hemp plantations. Since this commodity is so cheap and accessible, it is also used as an investment. Many big corporations in America, Canada and Europe have set up their own hemp industries.

With the help of modern technologies, the use of hemp in India has become easier. This can be attributed to continuous advancement in technology. Another reason for its future use is preservation of resources. It is a renewable resource and hence there is no danger of global warming or depletion of ozone layer. There are a lot of organizations promoting hemp medicines for future India. They have come up with various strategies to make this vision a reality.


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