Grow Pot-Cannabis In India

Increasing Demand of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes

The demand for the cannabis plant in India has been rising steadily due to several reasons. In fact, there are a lot of new strains introduced to the market each year, which have made it more popular. The demand for the cannabis plants in other countries like the United States and Europe has been on the rise over the last few years and this trend shows no sign of stopping.


If you think that the cannabis plant only contains THC, which is the ingredient that causes the effect in the human body when the drug reacts with the receptors, then you are wrong. There are also other strains which have lesser concentrations of THC. These cannabis varieties contain lesser amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), which is also the main ingredient in marijuana. This makes them more appealing to the medical marijuana users in countries where smoking cannabis is prohibited. Research carried out on animals and on humans have shown that CBD can reduce the harmful effects of the cannabis plant, which is evident from the reduction in seizures caused by Alzheimer’s disease and the drowsiness exhibited by those who have taken it for a long time.

Single Medicine for Multiple Diseases

The strain called Cannabis Indica is one of the most popular cannabis plants used across the globe for medicinal purposes. Some of the good strains are Sativa, Margosa, and Jamaican Blue. These have been used as a remedy for muscle pain, inflammation, spasticity, depression, nausea, impotence, bronchitis, coughing etc. It is even believed that cannabis can reduce the suffering caused by the seizures suffered by children when they undergo surgery.

The cannabis plants that are found in the Himalayas are some of the rarest of all strains. They grow in some of the most remote and coldest regions of the world. The water and temperature conditions are very cold and are known to cause the plant to die due to lack of hydration. Hydroponic cannabis is a new breed of cannabis that is grown using artificial hydroponics.

What is Ganja?

A new variety of this plant has also emerged in recent years and is known as Ganja. This variety is especially grown in South Asia and has a very unique taste and smell. This has to be one of the scariest varieties grown. The other names for this plant are Indian hemp, Indian marijuana and Indian Sativa. It is also called Indian hemp weed.

The other varieties include the Akul, Kjetika, Lucknow, Pushkar, Shubhala, Vagamon, Kalikadevi, Bekal and Barhout. The origin of these names is based on their appearance. Akul means “green” in Hindi and Lucknow is a reference to the “Lucky Green Grass”. Kjetika is derived from Kerala and Krunia from Kashmir. Pushkar is named after the beautiful lake where Buddha established his enlightenment. It is believed that these names originated from the fact that the cannabis plant grew wild in the areas near the rivers.

Why is India a Major Player in the Field of Cannabis?

One of the primary reasons for India’s phenomenal success in growing cannabis is its favorable weather. The Indian sub continent enjoys four different seasons which are relatively short, but each season brings a different change to the plant. There is a general rule that the more unfavorable the season is, the more successful the cultivation of cannabis plants. However, in recent times there have been instances of cannabis being grown all year round, even in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

India’s most popular strain is Indian hemp or Bengalensis. This is a very old variety that is native to the wet lands of India. It has been used for centuries across the world for medicinal purposes. India’s cannabis culture has lead to a variety of hybrid varieties that are being grown and used all over the world to produce high quality cannabis.


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