The elderly are suffering from diabetes. It is a rising issue in India with more than 20 million patients over 60 according to the most recent Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI). The issue is also afflicted by complications such as strokes and heart issues, among others. To address the root causes and avoid the complications that come with it the condition, we must have an understanding of this disease that is prevalent among the aging population. Are you mid-50s or over and are diagnosed as having diabetes? Are your parents or grandparents are diabetic? We can help. While diabetes can happen at any time, older sufferers are more affected by it due to the fact that they are advancing in age. They’re already susceptible to various health problems and this one is added to it.

Another misconception regarding being diabetic is that one must give up the delicious food that they love eating. This can be even more challenging for people who are older and have strict diets because of their the aging process. The good thing is they do not need to cut out all their favorite foods. The most important thing is to create an Indian diet chart for diabetics for those who are over the age of 65 to encourage moderate eating habits and to balance food choices.

What is the Diet Chart Help in Diabetes?

Diet plays a significant part to play in controlling diabetes and combating its complications. A well-designed diabetic food chart can assist patients in controlling their cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, as well as also preventing heart attacks or strokes. However, this doesn’t mean they are unable to consume their favorite foods. The most effective Indian menu charts for diabetics lets you enjoy great food while keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Ideal Indian Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients

One of the biggest mistakes that older people who are diagnosed with diabetes and that is to switch to a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables and sandwiches, cereals and various other food items, that they believe are less harmful than the traditional Indian diet. But that’s not the case. It’s not about the kind of food, but rather the quantity of it consumed. We’ve compiled the most effective Indian nutrition chart for older diabetics which will allow you to indulge in the foods you love, without harming your health.

A note of caution: The diet chart provided below is a general one. Patients should consult with a reliable on-line nutritionist in order to obtain an appropriate Indian diet guideline for diabetics which must be adhered to.

1. Early Morning

If you are following a diabetes diet consisting of Indian foods begin your day by drinking the glass of water you drink. This helps rid your body of all the toxins that are within your body. It is also possible to consume one teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds to regulate your level of blood sugar.

2. Breakfast

Like the title suggests, you break your fast following the dinner you had last night. Breakfast is a crucial breakfast during the course of your day. A great breakfast on the diet chart with diabetes that is suitable for Indians comprises the following items:

  • A cup of coffee/tea/buttermilk
  • An assortment of delicious dalia topped with vegetables./muesli
  • Or Wheat flakes mixed with milk
  • Or Vegetable moong dal chila
  • Or Vegetable oats/upma
  • or Two slices of Whole Wheat bread, egg white omelette, veggies and eggs

3. Mid-Morning

Patients suffering from diabetes should take a snack every couple of hours in order to avoid a prolonged interval between meals. Therefore, after you have finished breakfast, leave two-hour gap before you have a small snack that consists of:

  • The cup is a green tea and some chana roasted in a small amount
  • Or, a whole fruit (pear or apple papaya, guava,)

4. Lunch

A nutritious and healthy lunch option in the Indian menu chart that is suitable for diabetics is one that will make you feel satisfied until your next meal. You’ll always feel satisfied eating well.

  • 1 large bowl of seasonal veggies, 1 bowl of dal/kale chane/sprouts/chicken along with 2-3 rotis and salad
  • or 1 large bowl of oats made from vegetables with curd
  • or One bowl of salad (cucumber/tomato) with half the bowl of brown rice and 1 bowl of veggies as well as 1 cup of dal/sprouts/fish/chicken

5. Evening Snacks

Yes, snacks! Like we said the Indian diet chart for diabetics which allows you to eat healthily is the most beneficial. Your dinner snack should be planned between 4-5pm and consist of three things:

  • 1 whole fruit (apple/guava/pear/orange/papaya)
  • Or a handful of roasted/boiled the chana
  • or Puffed rice with tomatoes, cucumbers onion, green peas and coriander
  • Or Khakhra
  • Or Buttermilk (no salt or sugar)
  • Or Sandwich (avoid butter, cheese , or mayonnaise)

6. Dinner

This is the perfect moment to talk about the dinner portion of the Indian diabetes diet. The truth behind the myths that diabetes is about eating healthy and not consuming less. This is why its diet program includes all meals. Here’s what you can enjoy at dinner:

  • * 1 bowl of Saag-mustard greens/Spinach/Bathua /green soya/green chana/soya chunks/chicken/fish and 1 bowl of seasonal vegetables with 2-3 Rotis, sprouts, and salad.
  • Or a big bowl of oats that are vegetable and soup.
  • or One bowl of salad served with multigrain rice and 1 bowl of dal/sprouts/chicken/fish.

Avoid the consumption of starchy foods such as white rice, potatoes, Kabuli chana, Arbi, Jimmikand etc. You are able to eat all the vegetables that you want. The more diverse the more nutritious.

7. Bedtime

It is important to take a meal before going to bed. It will mean that there is an adequate 7-8 hours before breakfast. In addition to a hot glass of toned milk containing the haldi or saffron (immunity stimulating and conducive to sleep) This tiny food item that you can find on the chart of food list for diabetics from India includes a mixture of nuts, whether it’s walnuts, almonds, or any nuts that you enjoy.

Best Foods for Elderly Diabetes Patients in India

1. Brown Rice

If you are a huge fan of rice, consider eating brown rice in place of white, and benefit from its numerous health advantages. Brown rice is an excellent replacement for white rice as it has a lower glycaemic index, which makes it a great diet for people suffering from diabetes within India. The white rice variety is the popular food item in India and is used as an ingredient in many recipes which makes it an integral component of Indian food culture. However, the quantity of carbohydrates and starch in rice make it unsuitable to be part of the diet of a diabetic. Rice consumption can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels of the patient and , therefore, it’s not advised.

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains, such as bread, oatmeal, and quinoa are readily available in India and are able to incorporate into an Indian diet chart for diabetics. We have a broad selection of healthy grains available in our country such as whole wheat Aata, black-gram bajra aata makka aata, Kuttu Aata and many more. They are high in fibre and protein, with very low simple sugar content and are therefore suitable for people with diabetes. When you include whole grains in your diet, be sure it is just a small portion of your meals and the remainder is comprised of fruits, vegetables curd, etc. according to the diet plan mentioned above.

Note that whole grains aren’t suggested for people who are allergic to gluten.

3. High Fibre Vegetables

Fibrous food is an essential element in an Indian diet plan for diabetics. Apart from helping to keep healthy bowel movements going as well as keeping the stomach fuller for longer. Additionally, it aids in manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When it comes to the options are concerned, it is recommended to include beans, spinach peas, peas and various other green vegetables that are available in the season. Karela also known as bitter-gourd, is a particular helpful in the treatment of the treatment of diabetes. Because there is a plethora of vegetable options in India and the world, there is many options to pick from.

4. Nuts

All nuts, but particularly almonds, are good source of fibre, protein and omega-3s. These attributes make them perfect to be included on the diet plan for diabetic sufferers. If you are feeling hungry, your grandparents may ask for snacks between meals, hand them some almonds with peanuts, walnuts and pistachios to quell the cravings. These nuts can assist to regulate blood sugar levels, and also prevent heart issues caused by diabetes. This makes them an perfect food item to put on the food list for patients with diabetes who reside in India.

5. Pulses and Legumes

Another great source of fibre and protein the legumes and pulses are part of any typical Indian diet. It is also easy to consume, even if you are following an Indian diabetic diet to adhere to. The low glycaemic index in pulses that are packed with nutrients is a bonus to the benefits they bring.

6. Lean Meat

If you’re a non-vegetarian and fed up with eating according to your usual vegetarian diet plan in Indian foods Here is a new flavor for you. There are lean meats such as fish (sardines mackerel, tunas, mackerel and salmon) as well as poultry in the meals you prepare. However, avoid red meat because it’s loaded with harmful fats and may increase the levels of cholesterol. Don’t cook the meat in a deep fryer and grill it or roast it instead to create a healthy part of the Indian diet.

7. Fresh Fruits

Fruits are delicious and a great method of reducing appetite between meals. They’re high in nutrients and their fibre content can aid in the bowel movement. But, certain fruits have high sugar content and raise questions about their suitability for patients with diabetes. Sugar content in mangoes are on the higher side, but they could be included in the diet chart for diabetes which includes Indian food items in moderate quantities. The list of fruits recommended in the treatment of diabetes include peaches and pears, kiwi apple avocado, apricot and fruits.

Lifestyle Changes for Diabetic Elderly

In addition to other aspects like exercising and taking medication to assist in controlling diabetes, food is a major factor. When our seniors are suffering from the effects of age as well as other health issues such as diabetes, let’s try to help them feel better by following the most effective and comprehensive diet program. This could help in a significant way particularly if they love eating but are making it difficult for them to live their lives fully.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

Gurmar (Gudmar) or Gymnema Sylvestre is a perennial woody vine that thrives in the tropical areas in India, Africa, and Australia. It is a source of flavonols as well as gurmarin which are beneficial to diabetics.

Bottom Line

It is crucial for seniors to be healthy eaters because it can have a direct effect on their body, particularly when they are diagnosed with diabetes. Making sure they have a balanced and healthy menu plan that includes Indian foods will ensure that they get all the necessary nutrients to their body and maintain good cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This will also reduce the risk of developing problems and allow the elderly to enjoy life to the fullest , with less restrictions. In the end, they need to have the best in their final years of life.

VEDI is a community that connects for the elderly and their families by bringing together world-class experience and offering single-click access an array of social-engagement, health, emergency and convenience services in the comfort of your home to help seniors enjoy life to the maximum. We’re committed to reducing, safeguarding and energizing seniors, improving happiness and enjoyment in their old age. Please contact us for assistance in any area.



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