Daniel Fuenzalida returns to Television, but as manager

Daniel Fuenzalida has stepped through one more exam in his calling in Chilean television as Creation and Programming Manager of Tevex Televisión. With his experience and vision, he attempts to build up the channel and continue with its turn of events.
The prominent communicator Daniel Fuenzalida has begun one more test in his calling on Chilean television. Fuenzalida has been selected as the Creation and Programming Boss of Tevex Televisión, a mechanized open television space on the climb.

The important goal of Daniel Fuenzalida is to grow the continuous ennovelas substance of Tevex Televisión and build up its circumstance keeping watch. To achieve this, he means to keep the program line focused in on business visionaries and money related tutoring, yet add content associated with redirection.

The communicator is in like manner a financial backer of Tevex Televisión and contemplates that his contribution with creation and composing PC programs is pivotal for contact a greater group. With Tevex, Fuenzalida acknowledges that there is an entrancing stage that can attract extra watchers and make the public transmission business more unprejudiced.

Moreover, Fuenzalida has raised that the channel has an amazing gathering with capacity and state of the art advancement, which licenses permission to its substance at no cost. This moment, he is in get-togethers with popular gifts to coordinate them into the Tevex program plan.
Nevertheless, for the event, Fuenzalida will not have its own program on the channel. In light of everything, it is needed in any case spaces in the extensive stretches of Spring and April of this ongoing year, one as a television highlight essayist and one more associated with prescription and alcohol recuperation. Its truly obvious continues to be to build up the continuous grid and convey new glad to create. “My chief work is to build up the continuous structure and convey new glad to continue to create,” she says.


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