Cannabis Medicines for Chronic Pain May Be Closer to Legitimately Being Legalized

An Overview

When you think of medical marijuana, you probably think of it as a plant that is smoked or consumed. But the truth is, it comes in many forms. In fact, there are three different types of medical cannabis: dried extracts, oils and gels. All three deliver medical marijuana with different benefits for the individual using them.

The three main classes of cannabis-based medication are: Indicas, Sativas and Supre-verages. There is also a sub-class of Cannabinoids called Integros. Let’s take a look at these various classifications and their differences to better understand the benefits and risks of medical cannabis.

What is the difference between Recreational Clinics and Medical Clinics?

Recreational Clinics are operated under state law and are therefore restricted by State regulation. Medical cannabis clinics are operated by licensed professionals and are therefore allowed to display medical cannabis in public. Many recreational clinics are located outdoors and can be viewed from an outdoor location.

Can a Medical cannabis-based product cure or slow the progression of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic progressive disease that damages the inner lining of the brain and causes symptoms such as loss of vision, partial paralysis and cognitive decline. It can be controlled with medication such as a doctor prescribed medicine. Medical cannabis-based supplements have shown signs of effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Currently there is no known cure for the disease, but medical cannabis use has been shown to alleviate the symptoms.

Can Medical cannabis-based products help relieve the side effects of PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric illness often characterized by flashbacks, nightmares and other unpleasant memories. Sufferers of PTSD may experience re-experiencing of the traumatic event over again. Often PTSD is worsened by physical and/or psychological stress. A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health found that almost one-third of adults with PTSD experience their symptoms reoccur within a year.

Can a Medical cannabis dispensary legally sell pot?

Yes, it can and it will be the biggest story of 2021. The newly created marijuana legalization initiative on the November ballot in California is expected to fully legalize recreational cannabis and create a legal cannabis industry in the state. If passed, California will join the handful of states across the country who have already legalized the recreational use of marijuana. If California passes the initiative they join the list of states across America which have now legalized medical marijuana.

Can a Medical cannabis store have a logo and signage like a pharmacy or liquor store?

Not yet. Many states have regulations in place that regulate the sale of cannabis only and do not allow retailers to advertise or display any cannabis-related advertisements or signage. Colorado, for example, does not allow retailers to sell or display marijuana-related materials directly to the public.

How are marijuana users and suppliers supposed to obtain their medication?

They can buy from a medical cannabis shop but that may not be their only option. Many Americans have expressed concern that the growing number of marijuana-related arrests and citations may soon make it illegal to consume cannabis. Many cannabis users do not want to be separated from the plant just yet and may decide to grow or purchase their medicine elsewhere. The idea of being able to grow your own medicinal marijuana leaf has been gaining momentum for quite some time and is something that many states are trying to encourage consumers to try.

Can patients use cannabis to qualify for state medical cannabis cards?

In the absence of clear, unambiguous legislation across the United States, there is no clear answer on whether or not medical cannabis card eligibility can be obtained through consumption of cannabis. Some states, such as California, have made it clear that cannabis is legal in their recreational markets but those laws are still in effect in other states, including Colorado, where voters recently passed a measure legalizing recreational cannabis. A recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who were using cannabis had a significantly lower risk of having a relapse than those who were not.

Can anyone buy legally from a medical cannabis store?

It appears that many states have decided against setting up legal cannabis stores for a variety of reasons. Many states are working on crafting separate laws for retail cannabis, which could make selling cannabis a much easier proposition. Currently, it is a wise decision to read up on local regulatory efforts as a way to stay informed about what your states may do to establish legitimate marijuana stores.

Some analysts believe that the chances of this sort of legalization being enacted into law is slim to none, even though many states are moving in this direction. A main concern for many states and municipalities is the risk of youths gaining access to large amounts of cannabis, which they can then smoke and become addicted to. In addition to the risks that come from young adults accessing cannabis, there are also concerns about younger children acquiring cannabis through tainted supplies from the black market. While it is unclear how cannabis will play out across the country over the long term, it is safe to say that much will be decided by federal laws and local ordinances at some point in the near future.


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