Cannabis Oil: A Non-Detergent Remedy Or A Psychoactive Cannabinoid?


If you have ever talked to anyone who uses marijuana, chances are that they use it to help with some of the symptoms of their ailments. However, what most people do not know is that they can actually benefit from cannabis oil as well. There are many benefits to drinking this oil. In fact, there are currently companies making capsules and other concentrated forms of the oil in order to create different supplements.

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

The following are just a few benefits of cannabis oil:

Cannabis oil manufacturing companies have been producing medical-grade CBD oil for people for quite some time. The cannabis oil that is produced comes directly from the cannabis sativa plants, which is also commonly known as hemp. Hemp is among the earliest fossil fuels found on earth and has been used to fuel homes, cars, and planes for years. It is often considered to be the “medicine of the future” because it contains significant amounts of several important brain-altering substances, including CBD and THC.

A patent application from Vedi Herbals (a leading manufacturer of cannabis oil in India) shows that the company holds various patents all over the India. One of the patents is for an extract that is extracted from the cannabis plant material. This extract is used by the company to manufacture all of its health products. This includes health drinks and dietary supplements. The company’s patent application further shows that the cannabis plant material used to make these products is comprised primarily of “orphanaceous” plants that contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), which is the primary ingredient in cannabis.

Besides health products, the company also makes recreational cannabis oil. The company’s recreational cannabis oil is marketed under many different names, such as Cookies, Vapor, and Bark. None of these names to reference the cannabis plant material that makes up the main ingredient. A CBD infused recreational cannabis oil is far different than a CBD-free recreational cannabis oil, though.

The company’s patent application shows that it also intends to market an extract that is extracted from “taller cannabis plants”, which it claims is even more effective than its current “cannabis-based” competitor. This new “cbd-tolerant” extract would face significant competition from another cannabis oil manufacturers. In addition to its patent applications, the company has filed a number of standard forms with the Indian government Patent and Trademark Office. These include a detailed marketing strategy, a business plan, description of the initiation and growth of the company, as well as a list of its principal stockholders.

Key Considerations

It should be noted, however, that various cannabis manufacturers in India does not intend to harvest cannabis plants for its oil, but rather to process them into a pharmaceutical-grade product. “There are significant indications that cannabis has medical value and may be used as a treatment for certain symptoms, including seizures, nausea, glaucoma, cancer and chronic pain.”

At this point in time, it appears that cannabis manufacturers in India are following the path of other businesses that have utilized the cannabis plant as a source of raw materials, but without including any psychoactive properties. Companies as well as cannabis extraction companies have made efforts to cleanly extract the psychoactive properties from cannabis plants without altering the chemical makeup of the plant. As more scientific studies to validate the efficacy of cannabis extracts for treating ailments, medical cannabis users may find themselves seeking products that contain only naturally occurring ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Currently, science is still attempting to unlock the healing potential of cannabis plants. However, a company that chooses to extract THC from cannabis plants is demonstrating their commitment to developing solutions through which the cannabis user can experience the benefits of THC without experiencing the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant. Regardless of what type of cannabis oil a company chooses to sell, whether it contains THC or not, it is important for consumers to understand that the cannabis plant is a miracle medicine capable of healing ailments and ameliorating the physical body. By avoiding chemicals like THC, which has been linked to carcinogens, the cannabis industry can move forward while at the same time providing consumers with another choice for enjoying the benefits of cannabis without the risk of addiction.


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