Shatavari Tablets – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Shatavari Tablets by Vedi

VEDI Shatavari Tablets is a powerful natural health supplement made from potent and effective plant extracts. It works as an excellent pre and post menopausal supplement to help regulate hormonal balance. It also helps increase milk production in lactating women and stimulates lactation to help mothers breastfeed longer. It is also known to prevent breast cancer and has been shown to increase levels of estrogen in the body, supporting reproductive health.

VEDI Tablet is a powerful immune system booster. It aids in the activation and functionality of the body’s defense system. It contains rich and effective plant extracts which help enhance overall health. This powerful premenstrual natural health supplement works as an ideal substitute for regular women’s hormone pills, especially during peak estrogen levels that occur during menstruation, as it works more quickly to stimulate lactation and get mothers started on their next cycle.

VEDI Tablet is one of the best pre-and postmenstrual natural health supplements that works fast. To ensure that the product really works on the body, it is recommended to do a comprehensive body scan using a portable barbell that measures progesterone and estrogen in the blood. The measurement of these two hormones will tell the user whether or not the tablet is working. One should also perform a diagnostic lab test to check for any kind of adverse reactions to the ingredients of the tablet or if it does not have the correct levels of active ingredients to work on the reproductive organs. It is not a bad idea to get these tests done as once you start taking the tablet, you cannot take it back for a few days or weeks at a time.

Shatavari Tablets Uses

The following as some of the best benefits of the SHATAVARI Tablets:

First, SHATAVARI Tablet helps in treating premenstrual syndromes, menopausal syndromes, and any other type of symptoms that affect the reproductive system. It helps to reduce morning sickness and women’s headaches especially during breast feeding. This tablet also helps to treat premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and post-partum depression and many more. These tablets are used to treat premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression and many more. Hence, it is regarded as an ayurvedic medicine which helps in the prevention of problems related to menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression and other problems.

Second, SHATAVARI Tablets helps in the treatment of obesity. It promotes weight loss and controls cholesterol levels in the body because it contains a tonic effect on the nervous system. The tonic effect makes the nervous system work properly, thereby reducing craving for food and increasing energy levels leading to losing fat deposits. Hence, SHATAVARI Tablets is considered as a very good remedy for the obese people.

Third, it helps in reducing hyperglycemia and hypertension. Regular consumption of shatavari tablets prevents excessive sugar levels in the blood and thus lowers blood sugar levels. Thus, these tablets are very useful to cure diabetes and obesity.

Dosage Directions

The tablet should be taken once every day, even if you miss a couple of pills in a day because the herbs react with each other and vary greatly when mixed. In fact, the reaction is so drastic that one should avoid using the powder form of the tablets and keep using the liquid shatavari as the ingredients lose their efficacy. The powder can also be mixed with water and milk and consumed as a tea. You might have to try several combinations until you find one that works well for you and your symptoms.


The VEDI Tablet herbs used are: Jiaogulan, Zinc, Lingzhi, Resham Oudh, Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Tamraj (Indian Ginseng). These are the ingredients that have been tested numerous times by herbalists and Ayurvedic doctors to get the right dose for each individual. The potency and the quantity of ingredients vary with every batch. The dosage amount is also calculated by mixing these herbs together.


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