Apart from constipation, these are 5 reasons for not cleaning the stomach, know the prevention from the doctor

Constipation is not only a reason behind not cleaning the stomach, but problems like gallstones are also behind it. It is necessary to protect them.

You must have often heard people saying that today the stomach is not cleaned properly or today there is pain in the stool passage and stomach after passing stool. All these conditions indicate the problem of constipation. Constipation is such a problem of the stomach in which the stool does not come out easily. Due to unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle, the gastritis becomes weak, due to which the food is not digested properly and there is problem in bowel movement and the stomach is not cleaned properly.

But do you know that constipation is not the only reason behind not having a clean stomach. But there are other reasons as well.  Dr. DIPTI, Ayurveda Doctor at Hempcann, Palam Vihar, says that the absence of clearing of the stomach is called constipation. Constipation is caused by drinking less water, not getting enough sleep, etc. Constipation is not a disease, but it is a symptom of some other kind of problems in the body, but apart from constipation, there are many problems in which the stomach is not cleaned. In today’s article, you will know from Dr. DIPTI which are the reasons for not cleaning the stomach. Also, you will know how these problems can be avoided. 

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What is constipation?

When the stool does not come on time during the day. When he came, he came very tight. Have difficulty passing stool. This is called constipation. In the case of constipation, the stool becomes dry. Because of this, there is a problem in getting fresh in the morning. The stomach is not cleared due to constipation. Because of which one can feel heavy stomach throughout the day. Because of this, the food also does not feel right. Most of the people are suffering from the problem of constipation. The absence of stomach is called constipation.

What causes constipation?

1. Drink less water

The reason for clearing the stomach is also to drink less water. Dr. Manjita Nath Das says that when people drink less water, then the stool starts drying, due to which it becomes difficult to pass it. Drinking less water causes dehydration of the body and does not clean the stomach.

2. Lack of green vegetables in food

People who eat less green vegetables in food also have the problem of not cleaning the stomach. Green vegetables and fruits contain fiber. Lack of fiber in food causes constipation. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Both these fibers play a major role in cleaning the stomach. The consumption of fiber improves digestion.

3. Eating Heavy Food

Consumption of heavy food is also the reason for not cleaning the stomach. Many people consume a lot of non-veg, they also have problem in bowel movement. 

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4. Eating Raw Food

Uncooked food. The enzymes in the body to digest raw food are not able to work at all. Therefore the food cannot be digested. For example, if you eat the meat of an animal for which your body’s enzymes are not working properly to digest it, then there will be a problem of not cleaning the stomach.

5. untimely eating

Eating untimely food, eating food at any time, etc. are the reasons which become the main cause of constipation. Doctor Dr. Manjita Nath Das says that people who eat untimely food, they also have the problem of constipation. He told the reason behind this that food needs time to digest food. If the time is not available then the digest will not happen. Because of this, the stool becomes tight and there is a problem in passing bowel movements.

6. Stress and Insufficient Sleep

Doctor Manjita Nath Das says that due to stress, there is less sleep. Sleep is directly related to digestion. Secondly, due to being under stress, the food of the people deteriorates. Either they eat more or they eat less. Due to which digestion deteriorates and there is difficulty in bowel movement. Stress causes infection in the intestine, due to which it becomes difficult to freshen up. 

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Apart from constipation, due to lack of clear stomach

1. Lactose intolerance

Dr Das says that people who have lactose intolerance are unable to digest dairy products. Due to which there is problem in bowel movement.

2. Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a disease caused by wheat. This problem is caused by excessive consumption of wheat. The stomach feels full when you have celiac disease. There is a gas problem. Food is not digested properly. Nothing gets digested by eating. People who eat more wheat and are allergic to it, even then the stomach is not cleared. Such people sometimes have loose motion and sometimes they do not feel hungry. Children do not gain weight. Even in celiac disease, the stomach is not cleaned.

3. Gallbladder stones

Small stones form in the gallbladder, which are called gallstones. This stone is very painful. Dr Das says that if there is an acute attack of the gallbladder , then there is inflammation in the stomach. Due to which the stomach feels heavy. Unable to move due to pain. When chronic, there is mild pain, due to which they do not understand that it is a gallstone. But after testing the problem comes up. Even in this trouble the stomach is not cleared.

4. Pancreatitis

The stomach is not cleaned due to infection in the pancreas. There is heaviness in the stomach. Motion does not occur. Sometimes the patient becomes so constipated that the stool becomes like a stone. In which he is removed with the help of a doctor. 

5. Lack of Exercise

Dr Das says that nowadays due to Kovid, people are not able to come out much, in such a situation the problems related to constipation have increased. Earlier this problem was faced by the elders, but now children are also facing this problem. Small children are also imprisoned in the house, due to which there is no bawl movement, due to which the stomach is not cleaned.

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What is defense?

say no to dairy products

People who are lactose intolerant should not consume dairy products. Those who are allergic to these products can opt for these. 

drink plenty of water

Dr. Manjita Nath Das says that the problem of constipation can be reduced by drinking water. When a person drinks proper water, the amount of water in the body increases. While cleaning the stomach, less water will come out, due to which the stool will not dry and the stomach will be cleaned easily. Doctors say that a person should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. 

eat cooked food

Properly cooked food does not spoil the digestion process. The enzymes that digest food work properly. Due to this the stool becomes soft and there is no problem in passing it.

get enough sleep

People who get enough sleep have less digestive problems. When the stomach is fine, there are no other problems. In such a situation, it is necessary to get enough sleep so that the problem of constipation is avoided.

gallstone surgery

Gallstones are treated with surgery. But when symptoms of this problem are visible, then get treatment in the beginning, so that surgery is not required. But if this gallstone has increased then it is corrected by surgery.

In today’s time, constipation is the main reason for not cleaning the stomach. Constipation is caused by drinking less water or consuming less fiber-rich food. Apart from constipation, there are many reasons for not cleaning the stomach. The ones that need attention. 


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