Ajwain: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

The Trachyspermum Ammi

Ajwain is also known in the form of carom and Bishop weeds. It is a source of essential oil that is made up of a variety of bioactive compounds, so it is considered to be a medicinal herb. Ajwain is available all season. Ajwain leaves are soft and feathery. Ajwain seeds are the berries of the shrub. It is small, oval-shaped and light yellow.

The seed of Ajwain looks similar to cumin and fennel. Ajwain is used since early times throughout Indian, African, and Middle Eastern for cooking which helps to enhance the taste of foods and functions as a preservative for pickles, chutneys, and jams. They’re a unique ingredient of fibers for digestion which assists in maintaining healthy gut health.

Ajwain has a distinct bitter scent, which is why in Sanskrit it is referred to as Ugragandha. In Afghanistan the process of creating bread or biscuits made of ajwain seeds are sprinkled over them to enhance the aroma and flavor. Ajwain seeds, because of its health-enhancing properties, can be consumed raw or in roasted form. It is a popular method of adding Ajwain into clarified butter.

The flavor of Ajwain is like that of thyme, after chewing. In the grocery stores, Ajwain is available in seeds, as well as in powder. There are many benefits of Ajwain as a food item, that are discussed in this article.

The Sources for Ajwain

The Ajwain plant is typically located within Iran (Persia), Asia as well as Turkey. In some regions in India, Ajwain cultivation is located. Ajwain can also be present within North Africa, the Middle East and North Africa.

Other names for Ajwain

There are many different names for Ajwain including ajowan Omam, omum Ethiopian cumin Ajowan caraway ajvain, ajwan, ajave seeds, Trachyspermum ammi, Dipyaka, Yamani, Bishop’s weed Yavanika, Yamanika, Jain, Yavan, Yauvan, Javan, Yoyana, Yavani, Ajma, Javain, Ajmo, Oma, Yom, Jevain, Ayanodakan, Onva, Vamu, Juani depending on the place it is used around the world.

ajwain in english/ajwain meaning in english -The seeds are known as bishop's weed, ajwain and carom.
ajwain in tamil/ajwain meaning in tamil - அஜ்வைன்
ajwain in telugu - అజ్వైన్
ajwain in marathi/ajwain meaning in marathi -अजवाईन
ajwain in kannada - ಅಜ್ವೈನ್
ajwain in malayalam/ajwain malayalam - അജ്വെയ്ൻ
ajwain hindi/ajwain in hindi - अजवाइन
ajwain in bengali - আজওয়াইন
ajwain in gujarati - અજવાઇન
ajwain in odia - କାରୋମ୍ ମଞ୍ଜି

Composition of nutrition in Ajwain

The nutritional content of Ajwain is shown in the following table:

ComponentContent (per 100 g)
Carbs43 g
Protein16 grams
Fat25 grams
Fibre39.2 g
Sodium10 mg
Iron4 mg
Vit C4 mg
Total calories305 Kcal

The most important chemical compounds of Ajwain

The seeds of Ajwain and their oil contain 20 bioactive substances mostly terpenoids, thymol like p-cymene, gamma terpinene, and essential oils. The

Thymol and carvacrol are essential ingredients that contribute to the inhibiting of fungi and bacterial growth.

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Medical uses and health benefits of Ajwain

  • Methoxsalen drug is prepared using ajwain extract. It is available in various forms like capsules, creams that are applied topically to treat skin issues such as the vitiligo (partial loss of pigmentation on the skin) Psoriasis.
  • Since the beginning of time, Ajwain is used to make herbal formulas since they believed that it would balance the body’s systems.
  • Ajwain is a potent healing herb with curative properties.
  • Ajwain is a rich source of soluble fiber in dietary supplements, and is believed to improve digestion to treat stomach problems, improving intestine health. It also helps in easing the discomfort of bloating.
  • Ajwain seed is beneficial for the treatment of spasmodic pains as well as abdominal discomfort due to heartburn, indigestion and the loss of appetite.
  • Ajwain is an excellent source of antioxidants and consequently, it’s a blessing for patients with heart conditions. The antioxidants help control good and bad cholesterol levels in the body, thereby preventing heart-related diseases.
  • Ajwain seeds have antifungal and antibacterial properties, which is why it can help fight off bacteria like E Coli, salmonella, and fungi in order to stop food poisoning as well as GI issues.
  • Ajwain extracts are rich in chemical components that block calcium channels that can also lower blood pressure levels.
  • Chewing Ajwain is the most effective method to treat problems like flatulence and indigestion, which can be caused by the adverse effects of beans.
  • Ajwain tea is extremely beneficial in treating diarrhoea, spasmodic pain, dysentery.
  • Ajwain oil is extracted through a steam distillation and is extremely effective in relieving the pain of rheumatic arthritis and is therefore it is applied topically.
  • A combination between Ajwain and Ginger extract is believed to be more effective in treating respiratory illnesses such as the bronchitis or asthma.
  • Ajwain seeds are believed to boost flow of air and the functioning of the lungs.
  • Ajwain is a broncho-dilating agent that aids in dilation of the bronchial tubes within the lungs, providing relief from mild asthma.
  • Ajwain Seed Water is an excellent mouth wash which can assist to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Ajwain is effective in resolving issues with indigestion in pregnant women It aids in cleansing the stomach and uterus and also resolves the irregular period issue.
  • Ajwain water consumption frequently is beneficial in boosting metabolism levels that helps in burning body fat.
  • Ajwain seeds are antimicrobial which are beneficial in reducing redness as well as fighting inflammation.
  • Due to the anesthetic qualities of Ajwain It assists in relieving swelling and pain.

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Ajwain for headache, an ear or toothache

A few drops of Ajwain oil from seeds are enough to relieve discomfort in the ear. If you want to get immediate relief from toothache, mixing lukewarm water with Ajwain and salt can be extremely efficient. Sometimes, the fumes from burning Ajwain seeds can be more effective in relieving pain in the tooth. Ajwain seeds are a rich source of bioactive element, i.e. Thymol, a potent microbiocide and fungicide. Ajwain seeds are crushed and then applied to provide relief from skin irritations.

Ajwain to aid in the treatment of pimples and acne

Ajwain seeds are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients Bioactive extracts of Ajawain can be beneficial in the reduction of skin irritation issues such as pimples and acne. The carvacrol and thymol in Ajwain seeds aid in fighting the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Ajwain powder supplements can help reduce acne marks.

Ajwain products as well as their dosages recommended by them

The dosage of ayurvedic Ajwain differs based on the variations. Different kinds of Ajwain products

ChurnaTake half a teaspoon Ajwain Churna in lukewarm or warm water prior to and after eating to aid in digestion.Two times
DecoctionTake a glass of water Add one teaspoon of ajwain seed to it and heat at a simmer for 10 minutes.Take half a teaspoon Ajwain decoction to combat colds and asthma.Three times
PasteMix the roasted Ajwain seeds with jaggery, to make a paste using the grinder. Drink it right after eating.Two times
TabletYou can take one Ajwain tablet and drink warm water.Two times
ArkFive drops of Ajwain Ark and wash it in warm water following the dinner.Two times

Precautions and side effects of Ajwain

  • Consuming too much Ajwain seeds could cause an increase in stomach gas. This can lead to reflux and acidity.
  • Some people are sensitive to Ajwain seeds, which is because of its thymol content which may cause nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Certain components of Ajwain seeds bioactive substances are extremely potent and may cause inflammation in the mouth, leading to the sensation of burning and mouth ulcers.
  • Women who are pregnant should not take excessive amounts of Ajwain because of the potential negative impacts on the development of the baby.
  • The higher doses that are administered orally of Ajwain seeds is considered to be poisonous which can lead to death from poisoning.
  • The consumption of Ajwain supplements could increase the chance of bleeding during or after surgery. So, it is recommended to stop taking Ajwain two weeks prior to the procedure.

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Interactions with Ajwain

  • Sometimes , ajwain slows blood clotting. If a person is taking medication such as blood thinners, then they should exercise caution when drinking Ajwain. Drugs such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, warfarin and aspirin all contain blood thinners.
  • Ajwain can also cause problems with medications that are broken through the liver. Certain medications like ketoconazole, lovastatin and itraconazole break by the liver. Check with a doctor prior to taking the ajwain when you are or are taking these drugs.
  • If you’re taking a medication that causes stress to the liver, it is advised to avoid ajwain, Ajwain can increase the risk of damage to the liver together with other medications which already causes liver damage.


Does Ajwain effective in battling intestinal inflammation?

It is true that Ajwain aids in treating intestinal diseases. Ajwain seeds have been identified as having possess an antihelmintic effect that aids in fighting any intestinal infection. It directly affects metabolic processes of parasites in order to stop their activity.

Can Ajwain help with losing weight?

Absolutely, Ajwain aids in loss of weight. Ajwain extract is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, which can be directly impacted by losing weight. Ajwain can also aid in digestion and assists in eliminating toxic substances from the body to treat acidity, constipation and gas.

Does Ajwain useful in reducing grey hair issue?

It is true that Ajwain aids in reducing the gray hair issue. Ajwain extract has essential trace elements and minerals such as iron and calcium. they can be beneficial in reducing gray hair issues.


Ajwain seeds have been utilized to make traditional Indian cooking as well as Ayurvedic herbal formulas. Ajwain seeds have powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidative ingredients. Ajwain seeds oil is utilized to make lotions and ointments that are used for treatments for the skin. The herbal extracts from Ajwain seed have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which is why they’re effective in treating peptic ulcersand as well as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this website is intended meant to be used for education purposes only It is not meant as an alternative to treatments provided by a health professional. Because each person has their own unique needs it is recommended that the user seek advice from their physician regarding the suitability of this information given to them in their particular situation.


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