14 Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Gastric Problem To Ease Your Stomach

Mr Rounak has a problem where the digestive enzymes produced by his stomach are disrupted, resulting in acidity. This situation is commonly known as acid reflux, and the corrosive effects are offset by the release of other substances resulting in acidity. 

Mr Rounak wonders if he can trust Ayurveda and the best ayurvedic medicines for gastric problems. He wants to know if ayurvedic treatment for gas is effective and searches for the best ayurvedic medicine for gastric problems.

What Causes The Gastric Problem?

The fundamental reason for this disease, according to Ayurveda, is a worsening of the Pitta Dosha, that is, the fire element in the body.

This article lets one look at some of the Ayurvedic therapies for hyperacidity and acid reflux dos and don’ts. It would be beneficial to go through some of the most prevalent Ayurveda therapies or medications for acidity issues.

How Does This Acidity Affect The Body?

It causes discomfort and symptoms such as loss of appetite, heartburn, and sudden stomach pain.

An acidic pH can lead to weight issues, including diabetes and obesity. Insulin Sensitivity is a syndrome that occurs when our bodies get excessively acidic, and this causes an overabundance of insulin to be generated and causes hyperacidity.

What Are The Causes Of Hyper Acidity?

Here are a few common reasons causing hyperacidity:

  • Consuming foods unsuitable for your constitution or aren’t allowed to be destroyed, such as milk and salt or milk and fish.
  • Beverages and meals are scorching and sour.
  • Products made with white flour.
  • White sugar-based products
  • Smoking
  • Excessive coffee and tea consumption
  • Alcohol consumption
  • If you have meals even though you may be experiencing indigestion
  • Keeping the desire to urinate under control
  • Heat and sun exposure over an extended period

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14 Best Ayurvedic Remedies for Gastric Problem

Ayurveda offers several simple home remedies for acidity that are highly effective in assuring your quick recovery. If looking for the best ayurvedic medicine for indigestion and gas, one can try any Ayurvedic treatments described below.

1. Indian Gooseberry is a fruit native to India that is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. According to Ayurveda, this ayurvedic medicine for gas aids in reducing pitta, which is characterized by excessive heat and is fiery, and an elevated pitta causes acid reflux. 

2. Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds can be ground into a powder, and mixed with half a cup of water (about one litre), to create the best ayurvedic medicine for gastric problems. Then, while the solution is still boiling, filter it. 

3. Aniseed: It can be chewed and swallowed gently and raw and is among the best medicine for indigestion and gas. Honey and mulethi (liquorice): Reduce liquorice root to powder, then add a little honey to half a scoop of powder to make a paste. After each meal, lick this paste to swallow it. 

4. White Pumpkin Juice: It is made by slicing a white pumpkin skin and extracting the pulpy liquid. Half a cup twice daily relieves gastritis and acidity quickly and is among the best ayurvedic medicine for indigestion and gas. 

5. Jeera: Jeera consumed with warm ghee and then mixed with rice tends to be a perfect ayurvedic treatment for gas. 

6. Mint Leaves: Mint reduces acid production and cools the burning sensation in your stomach. Chop and boil some mint leaves; then drink the cooled solution for relief.

7. Tulsi: Tulsi is among the best ayurvedic medicines for gastric problems. Tulsi boosts mucus production in the stomach and has antiulcer properties. 

8. Cardamom: Elaichi, or cardamom, is a multi-purpose remedy. It stimulates digestion, reduces stomach spasms, soothes the stomach lining, and prevents excessive acid production. 

9. Cloves: Cloves boost saliva production, which helps digestion and reduces acidity symptoms. For relieving acidity, bite a piece of clove and keep it in your mouth. The oils released from the clove will reduce acidity within no time.

10. Ginger: Use this ayurvedic cure for acid reflux; for that, use Ginger; improves digestion and helps absorb and assimilate essential nutrients better. 

11. Buttermilk: One can take half a glass of buttermilk and add a pinch of each asafetida and turmeric. 

12. Jaggery: You can try this ayurvedic remedy for acid reflux for the boiled ash gourd with jaggery. This relieves the burning sensation in the stomach to a considerable extent.

13. Bananas: In Ayurveda, potassium content in ripe bananas helps eliminate sudden bouts of acidity. Bananas also aid in relieving constipation problems and cause a healthy bowel movement.

14. Cold Milk: The richness of calcium in milk aids in reducing acid problems and absorbing the acid which has already been produced. It helps in providing instant relief from the burning sensation owing to its coldness and is a perfect ayurvedic medicine for gas.

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How Does Ayurveda Help With Digestion?

Pitta aggravates your digestive fire, causing your food not to be adequately digested and influencing the creation of ama. Hyperacidity reflux occurs when ama builds up in the digestive channels.


It’s critical to take a full, deep breath once you’ve done eating before standing up and going on to your next activity. As one moves away from eating, this helps the body recognize contentment and maintains a healthy degree of consciousness. The probiotic impact of a little cup of lassi after a meal is also beneficial to certain people. 


  • Is Ayurveda good for digestion?

Everybody knows that Ayurveda preaches strong digestion as the key to good health and is the best medicine for indigestion and gas. When Agni is compromised, ama or toxins accumulate, blocking the flow of nutrients and energy and starting the disease process. 

  • How can I increase my digestive enzymes in Ayurveda?

One needs to keep these three crucial steps in mind as you begin your road to digestive healing – Consume three meals every day at regular intervals. Lunch should be your most significant and heaviest meal of the day. Food and drink should be served at room temperature or slightly warmer. Never eat or drink anything cold. Take a seat and enjoy the meal.

  • What is the best way to relieve gas in Ayurveda?

Here’s a safe, effective Ayurvedic remedy to relieve gas:

1. Make a paste of a few strands of black pepper, rock salt, and lemon juice.

2. Consume a teaspoon of this paste with water before and after meals.

3. You can also take one-half teaspoon of dried ginger powder with warm water once or twice a day.

Ayurveda recommends avoiding fried, spicy, heavy, and junk food.

  • Is PAN 40 good for acidity?

Yes, PAN 40 is an effective medicine to treat acidity, acid reflux, and other stomach-related conditions generated due to excessive formation of acid in the stomach.

  • Is OMEZ an antacid?

Yes, OMEZ is an antacid used to treat issues like heartburn, acid reflux, and intestinal ulcers.

  • What is the strongest antacid?

The fastest acting antacid is Gaviscon +, which neutralizes the acid generated in the stomach and helps relieve acid reflux symptoms. Besides, you may also try Famotidine, an H2-receptor antagonist useful for treating mild but persistent gastric acid issues.

  • Is Kremil S good for GERD?

Yes, Kremil S is a good tablet for stomach-related issues like GERD, acid reflux, and peptic ulcers.

  • Is Gelusil good for GERD?

Gelusil is an effective medicine to treat acidity related to GERD. It offers immediate relief from heartburn symptoms with just one or two doses.

  • Can I take Kremil S 3 times a day?

No, taking Kremil S tablets thrice a day will be an overdose. The standard dose prescribed for safe use is 1 to 2 tablets per day, and a maximum of two tablets can be taken in 24 hours.

  • Is Ginger good for acid reflux?

Although there is no scientific proof of Ginger relieving acid reflux, yes does help to soothe the stomach naturally. It is believed that Ginger helps to reduce the generation of acid in the stomach.

  • How do you remove acid from your body?

There are various home remedies to remove acid from the body like:

1. Sipping apple cider vinegar

2. Chewing gum

3. Taking ginger tea

4. Consuming liquorice supplements

5. Taking water mixed with baking soda

6. Exercising

7. Sleeping on the left side

  • Is fenugreek good for pitta dosha?

Moderate consumption of fenugreek is good for balancing pitta dosha in the body. However, taking too much fenugreek may also increase your pitta dosha, so make sure of the right intake.

  • Does green tea increase pitta?

Green tea is beneficial to balance both Kapha and Pitta dosha. It is hot, yet it helps balance pitta dosha and thereby eliminates issues like acidity and acid reflux.

  • Is Curd good for Gastric problems?

Curd is a natural antacid that helps relieve gastric problems, and it leaves behind a cooling effect on your stomach that is overproducing gastric acid. Thereby it helps in resolving gastric problems to a great extent.


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